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Miniguns With Silencers and All perks.


Ok, so basically i was doing clan Operations on ghosts, and eventually we got into a game with some Cheaters. I'm sure by now, everyone has experienced cheating in some form. These guys were using Miniguns, with silencers and the all-famous all perks cheat. And by minigun, i dont mean the chain saw LMG, i mean ACTUAL MINGUNS! WITH SILENCERS!


Im currently uploading a video as evidence, as i understand it you cant name and shame here, so quite simply i wont mention there names. BUT if u want to find out, feel free.

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A simple solution to this would be to reset everyones custom classes so they can just re-pick their guns etc. ( nobody would lose anything, these hackers im sure dont have this staff in their soldier creation menu, its distrubuted through hacks ).

Another solution would be to find out whos been using silenced miniguns, as im certain thats impossible and doesnt even make sense lol.

I could complain how my clan's rank was affected by this, but that doesnt worry me. These hacks are just the beginning. As i have stated before, why cant IW just buy a hacked ps3 and reverse-engineer the hacks to stop them. $500 is not going to break the bank. especially for a business.

Anyways, i have reported these 'cheaters' to sony, and hopefully they get what they deserve ( and same goes to all the cheaters ). Peace out!

PS: Mind the swearing in the video once its uploaded lol!

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    I don't think the actual silenced minigun is a hack. I believe and I will be corrected if I am wrong on this. That it is in fact a special weapon that you can get from the ammo crates provided by the support scorestreak.  But I would find it suspect for a whole team to be running around with them.


    But it does sound like you ran into a hacked lobby and did the right thing of reporting people.  Personally I wish there was a way to ban the isp of any cheater/hacker and not just have them come back on 15 mins  later under a different user name.

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    Good luck with your reports to sony. I reported someone to the last year after forum advice, and was thanked for it, but informed that nothing would get done - it was someone who had a jailbroken ps3 (this is against sony's AUP) and was using all the hacks and glitches.


    they also said that any cheating of any form on COD series is activisions problem. sony's only concern was the breach of their own policy, and even then they would only take it further if it was blatant and on a large scale.

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      Well, on Black Ops 1 heaps of people got their ps3 MAC ID's banned, which meant they couldnt play that game online anymore. I doubt that would happen now, but you never know. In-game i said i was going to report them, and they just laughed it off. We'll see who will be laughing in the end lol. ( probably them )

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    The video has finished uploading if you;re interested

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    Yea same thing happened to me on 4v4 clan match think that modes got a lot of them

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    Google 'nextgenupdate'. This is the forum where all of these modders and glitchers hide. F-ing puss*** I say, can't beat other people normally so they depend on all kind of modding and cheating.

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    Hey everyone.


    Thanks for voicing your concerns here. I understand how frustrating it may be to play online with the possibility of getting matched with/against a cheater. Please report players you suspect of cheating via the In-game tool. The suspected players are then investigated and the appropriate actions are taken.




    ATVI Support