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Ps4 Elites DO WORK!!


been pretty upset about the headset situation.  Found a video where a dude had the Sony Pulse Elite headphones and they worked. So I sold my ps3 and bought the headphones. The DONT work via the USB dongle...they work b plugging in the 3.5 mm cable that came in the box. The surround sound is awesome and they have the bass boost too so they rattle your ears a bit. The cable doesn't bother me at all. Very nice purchase for those of you that want that sound advantage.

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    i also have the pulse elite head phones. i am assuming you are referring to the fact that the head phones dont work on ps4? well maybe you should do some reading instead of making bs post. sony stated 2 months ago that the sony pulse and pulse elite will not work with the ps4 at launch!! sony will soon release a update for the ps4 which will make it compatible, so hold your horses. i only person you should be mad at is yourself for not looking into when it is all over the internet, for now just use the 3.5mm and plug them into the jack on the dualshock 4

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    The Afterglow by PDP made for the PS4/Xbox1 actually works with the USB dongle and without that rediculous 3.5mm jack. However there is a feature that allows you to turn down chat vs and game sound that wont work without the jack... hardly necessary... they sound great as well.

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    this could be slightly off topic. but would turtle beach wireless head sets be the same deal you think?