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Need people for COD Ghost clan, Read Description.


I just need people who are decent players who like playing HC KC/TD. The clan name is Xx_Run_N_Gun_xX. If you play other game modes you are still welcome to join, I like to experiment. Qualifications:


*   Positive KD ratio

*   18 or older

*   Must Have a microphone

*   Must have a sense of humor and not cry about the game.

*   DO NOT SIT IN CORNERS WITH SHOTGUNS OR MACHINE GUNS!!!! (It's Okay if your a sniper though).


My qualifications are very simple. I enjoy people who run and gun, hence the clan name. If your interested please message me on my PSN name T-O-Beer_Break. I'm a pretty fun guy to play with and I want to start leveling up my clan, so if your interested hurry up and message me so we can start.