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Game mode to avoid


In order to help new players I thought I would post some dangerous game modes ( in my opinion )


1- domination ( just a hell of a lot of everything )

2- search and destroy ( lots of invisible speed hacks )

3- infected ( invincibility and boosting )


safe ish modes


1- kil confirmed

2- ghosts mosh pit

3- tdm


sso what does everyone else think what is safe and what is not

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    Maybe I'm really lucky or just don't have that much playing time but I've yet to run into any problems in any of the game modes.


    Another good piece of advice... maybe don't join game invites from randoms.  I got one the other night and chose to ignore it based on all the issues people have been having.

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    I haven't seen any problems in Search & Rescue, and Clan TDM seems unaffected.

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    I've seen more out of map glitching than I have actual hacking so far but I have run into a couple of hackers which is more than I'm used to seeing.  I play mostly DOM and KC.  I can't say that I've seen enough of any of it to actually keep me from playing any of the game modes but I have left a match or two because of it.

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    May want to clarify your post that you are meaning Safe in terms of "least hacked or corrupted" lobbies.


    For a moment I thought you were telling them what is safe to start out with, in terms of playing.