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looking for a clan (ps3)


in 2.12 kdr and my w/l is 1.70, im 22 years old and have mic,im looking for a clan that has started clan wars,im laid back and chill and competitive,reply on here in ineterested

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    i started one with a friend of mine, not all that serious but i could be if we find more ppl. kdr 1.8 w/l 2.0

    and were from belgium and like to smoke

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    Our clan inFamous Society is recruiting, check out our site and make an application if you want   Our site is: infamoussocietyclan.com

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    Join ours absoluteTALENTX we have nothing but 2.0 kds with over 3.0 W/L

    PSN XposureZz

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      Sup dude, I am the leader of Klutch Killas. We are a level 11 clan with 14 members. We participate in clan wars and are chill and laid back. Most of us are over 21 years old, have a mic. We play to win hit me up on psn : GiJLS1988

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    We're working hard to win in our Platinum division. Hit me up tonight and I'll make room for you. We are running several parties each evening. MYO_Trav is my psn. We are Meet Your Owners. We require activity both in the game and on our website.

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    Im the leader of the roughneckz clan ps3 we currently have 25 members and are having opennings , we are looking for active players, and also we are 6th place in the gold division on clan wars. Let me know if u would like me to send u a clan invite by the way we have gold tags!

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    Hey LongShotz,


    Check out The League of Casual Gamers @ locg.enjin.com


    We are a laid back clan, that just likes to have fun with mates, and will be playing Clan Wars

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    My clan is looking for some new recruits, taken on two already and waiting to welcome some more. were currently doing Platinum for our clan stats and not far away from get gold clan tags... we all have mics and generally like to come online to game and have fun. from time to time making it a little bit competitive..all of us are 18+ so no squeakers :-) and welcome both female and male gamers (y)


    and u dont need to apply via a website ;-) LGuk is our clan tag or LegitGamersUK or even better add myself ( MysticalShadow_X) or my LT Com Davey_93

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    2G4U is recruiting for Clan Wars. We're looking for good active players to help us out. As of right now, we're holding 3 nodes, or objectives. Here's our requirements:

    1. Must have a 2.00 KD or higher.
    2. Must have a mic and use it for call outs
    3. Must play as a team. (We play as a team, we'll end up on top).
    4. We have zero tolerance for negative attitude during games. (e.i. If we're losing, and you keep complaining if we're not defending or helping out). Trust us, we're trying. Please use positive attitude in order to motivate other clan mates to do better.
    5. Must be at least 18 years of age. 17 is okay. (If you're annoying as ****, you'll be kicked. No questions asked.
    6. Must compete in Clan Wars.


    If you're interested, please message me (iRoyaL-xD) or the leader (HERBANBASSTECH).