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Looking for a Clan!!


I'm 32 year old male, looking for a clan i can play with and help WIN!

Looking for a clan that Kill/Death isnt a issue bc i like to mess around in the PUBS and level. but when it comes to clan matches and everything i dont mess around. I used to play in the MLG couple years back.


I only like to play HARDCORE.



Gamer Tag: Twisted Booz

Email: twistedd1313@gmail.com

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    My tag is Malycce. Clan is Reign_in_Blood. I'm 41. KDR of .82. My sons, Overpopulation and Arct1cn1nja are my clan mates. Clan Wars is the only reason I even wanted Ghosts. We have two copies of the game, but really need a few others to play with for Clan Wars. We are not too serious, although Artic will rage now and then... lol. If you are interested, let me know.

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    Looking for players to start a clan up. We have just 2 members and are trying to recruit more. We have decent skill levels and are older guys. Anyone welcomed.  We are looking for  older players preferably but will accept younger (mature guys). We mainly play HCTDM but will play others when we get more members. You don't have to be a superstar or some Call Of Duty Ghosts God.... just relaxed, chilled  and have a mic.  Look me up on xbox360 .. my gamer tag is  U ALREADE KNOW.  I am 37, from NY  and guys in clan (6) so far are older and younger .  we have a teenager who acts respectable. So if your looking to have fun, be competitive and get better... look me up online and we can play. Not a tryout( there are no tryouts) but you must have some sort  of skill or want to get better. Our clan name is WGB  .... WE Getz Bizy. We actually now have  6 guys playing at different levels but we all had fun last night winning and losing some games. Already seeing guys getting better with communication and skill.  Oh my K/D is I found out is  1.66. Others have  1.6, 1.0, 0.54 and such. As you can see we are all different levels. Great opportunity to join a new clan thats not all worried about winning and going 20-0 every game. We are still competitive though.

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    [ASA] AeroSpace Ablaze is recruiting good players with over a 1.0 kd , we are trying to own in every  clan war we are in. We currently are in the silver division because we lost clan war 1 because of thanksgiving and black friday working schedules. We plan to win everyone from here on out.


    we like everyone to be active ( be on 4 - 6 nights a week )


    have over a 1.0 kd , we mostly play core but will play HC for clan wars


    Apply for ASA or add Anti_Virus93 on psn if intrested

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    Check us out: www.clantoolz.com/mortalisvictrix

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    check out www.theschq.com Minimum age of 16. No K/D requirements. Gold clan tag with exclusive patches from the last clan wars.

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    my clan only has 3 members all above the age of 21. we just started it to unlock some stuff and to actually play the game. we are pretty laid back and with only 2 of members actually playing we are recruiting to stay in platinum. my gt is BAD VTL 81 and my brothers is newsenior04 we are on the xbox if interested you can message us

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    ExTremeTalentZx is now recruiting! Mainly PS3 but anyone with other platforms are welcome to join!

    we are a serious clan that uses teamwork in any game mode that enables us to win most of our matches!

    Currently our Clan Stats are:

    Clan K/D Ratio: 2.65

    Clan Win % 68

    We require that you have atleast a 1.8k/d and atleast a 2 win/loss ratio!

    If your interested in joining then add me on ps3 or search  ExTreme TalentZx on the Ghosts App and apply! My psn is-                      x-M-3-R-K-A-G-3x

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    check out www.theschq.com Minimum age of 16. No K/D requirements. Gold clan tag with exclusive patches from the last clan wars.