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Would it kill you to...


...add a little ORGANIZATION to the playlists? Alphabetize them or something? Organize them in order of relevance? Like for example, picking "Standard"/"Hardcore"/"Other"/"Clan" (why Clan v. Clan again? Obviously it wouldn't be Clan v. Randoms! Shorten it.) would send you to a sub-menu, which each would then take you to your respective modes.


Examples (alphabetized):




Standard ---->

----> Standard Deathmatch Modes:


FFA (it would look better abbreviated, just my two cents.)

Kill Confirmed

Team Deathmatch

----> Standard Objective Modes:



Hunted (Remove for the love of god. Waste of space that could be better used for say... Demo... HQ...)


Search and Destroy

Search and Rescue


Hardcore ---->

----> Hardcore Deathmatch Modes:

Hardcore Kill Confirmed

Hardcore Team Deathmatch

----> Hardcore Objective Modes:

Hardcore Domination

Hardcore Search and Rescue (also adding Core S&D but not HC S&D was very inconsiderate and stupid. Thank you for adding at least the Core variant but... why just that. Sure the couple thousand of people IN THE ENTIRE WORLD playing Hunted wouldn't care if Hunted was gone.)


Other ---->


Ghosts Mosh Pit

Team Tactical


Clan ---->


Clan Objectives

Clan Team Deathmatch (why add in team? You're in a CLAN. Clans are TEAMS.)




There you go. Shouldn't you care about the organization of the only game that is keeping your company alive, with food on the table and gas in your tanks?