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    I've been running into them a lot of the past week or so and I must admit that it is becoming a serious problem. I can see this game going quickly the way of MW2 unless a patch update is released blocking these hackers.

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    WEIHNACHTS_KOSEI is another one

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    now even worse, i saw player without head?!! hacking is everywhere at MW3 at moment. I twittered facebook them, no reply at all... so sad company just ignore us and don't respect us as we are paying customers!!! their social media communication is useless....

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    Trouble with the in-game reporting system is that you have to wait till the lobby to use it. So the hacks get the kills and my stats get ****** up. Here's an answer... ADD A REPORT AND KICK OPTION. If 6/7 players all report a player WITHIN the game and the system kick the ******* cheats out it would take away their incentive to do it. This suggestion should be incorporated into GHOSTS at least. Meantime, if a meet one of these ******* I'll end the bastard.

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    There is a huge issue with the in-game reporting system. I saw the invisible hack on BO1 a couple weeks ago and when I tried to look them up by name under my "players met" section on PS3, the name wasn't anywhere to be found. I'm speculating but I think this hack also prevents them from being tracked in the recent players lists. I guess if they stay in lobby you could report them. Something IW should be thinking about.

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    I only know how to not have these in mw3 hack that I did the hack that shoots the wall and kill the other enemies

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    HD_SpeeD-Lobby is one I've encountered every match today.

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    This just happened to me last night dude was getting like 30 kills no deaths and bragging on the mic about his skills. Finally started noticing he was announcing my location or what i was doing over the mic than killed me twice right in front of me there was no way way i missed him. Sent him a message and reported him to in game system.

    NAme was Amber_Kbff

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    So i know this sounds insane and crazy.... but there is a way to F these people over in the moment and at least cut them out of that particular game... it sucks to have and really sucks that this seems like the only way to do anything besides wasting your time reporting or just looking for a new lobby.  Go download the hack.  Yes... download the hack (dont' be a fn moron and use it...) but when someone gets in a game and uses it, you start yours... the game will freak out and drop the server.  If you want... follow the dbag around and keep doing it so he can never play.  It works... it's sad that this is how you can deal with it but ... it works.


    ps... to all you fn tools out there... get a life and learn to play