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Atlas falls freezing up at load up.


For anyone that has gone on the campaign mode, I finished the clock work level and the Atlas Falls level was loading up where you see the submarine in the water.  Well at just over a half way of loading, it freezes.  This is actually my 2nd game since I exchanged the first one guessing it was defective and now the new one is doing the exact same thing.  My system is a xbox 360 elite with over 80g left in harddrive and not sure what else would make this freeze.  I figure I ask on here since I looked all over the internet and I can not find an answer to this issue and it is frustrating.  Multi-player and everything works fine also.  Help.

-roped 12 in fla.

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    I'd try the Support Forum or hit up @ATVIAssist. They may be able to assist.

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    Copy the disk to the hard drive just in case its some weird issue.


    If that dont work delete ONLY your gamertag not your saved games . Clear your cache before you download it  THEN reboot clear the cache again just in case then download the gamertag again.


    My wife has to do this almost once a month for some stupid jewel game she plays.

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      I cleared out my cache and even contacted the support on here.  Same thing as you said and still it freezes on that title of that campaign.  I'm going to delete the whole game off my xbox and try it all over from scratch.


      It really is a bit frustrating.  Its funny when I go to clear the Cache that it shows a line and then flips to next screen.  At least I have multiplayer...