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[xSIx] Slaughter Inc. Now Recruiting!!


Are you tired of being rejected cause your k/d is not what certain clans are looking for? Then let Slaughter Inc. be your clan of choice! If anyone understands, it would be me. I play but not 24/7 and my k/d is not that great....but its getting better....and that's what i am looking for. People that want to get on and have fun and together we can grow and improve. Just if you get on at least once a week and play i do not care....i know that we all have lives other than COD. You can send me a message to my gamertag xxSLAUGHTERSxx or find the clan my searching Slaughter Inc. or by the Clan tag xSIx and JOIN!


Hope to hear from some of you soon and together we can put the fun back into COD. Have a good one!



Slaughter Inc. Clan Leader

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    Hi Slaughter,

    I am Brazilian, but I can speak English.

    I'm looking for a clan, I played on PSN but today I made an account on Live with my new xbox 360 and am looking for a clan!

    Gamertag: xSupremos

    Headset: No (But I will buy this weekend)

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      Not a problem, already send you a invite and added you as a friend. I do not have a headset either but am working on it. Thanks for your interests and i will see you out there! Once we get enough people, i will post clan battles i register us for and so forth. Will keep everyone in the loop.