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Can't play online - 'Server not available' error





It's been a while since I've played MW3 for the last time. Yesterday I wanted to play it again, but I simply couldn't because of an error that occured. When I try to 'PLAY ONLINE' the game tries to connect with the servers and after a while an error screen pop-ups, saying: 'The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 server is not available at this time. Please try again later or visit http://www.callofduty.com/mw3/status for updates.'


I've been searching the internet for about 2 to 3 hours with no solution. Things I've already tried are:

- Log out and in on PSN

- Rebooting my PS3

- Resetting the router

- Reconfigurated the internet settings

- Waiting for 24 hours

None of these worked, and also my NAT-type is 2, so I think that is just fine. Something else I found out is that I can't play MW2 aswell, which keeps loading at the same spot as in MW3, but I don't get an error. I was planning on buying BO2, but I think I'll pass on that since I can't even get to the online lobby !/4.5.6/images/emoticons/sad.gif|_mce_src=/4.5.6/images/emoticons/sad.gif|___ji ve_emoticon_name=sad|jivemacro=emoticon|class=jive_macro jive_emote|src=/4.5.6/images/emoticons/sad.gif!


Does anyone please have a solution for me?


Thanks in advance,



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    same over here! Mw2 Mw3 & Bop2 -


    even NFS the Run and MOH Warfighter will not let me play online ,

    its not just the COD series think they have broken a sign in Protacol whislt

    doing there Routine maintanace to the PS Store. but as i say this i can log

    into BoP2 with another account on anaother console? might just be select

    PS accounts that it doesnt like ? or its somthing to do with having PS plus? Mmmm

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    Hello Guy,

    Keep in mind that the PSN is currently undergoing maintenance. Please keep checking throughout the day and let us know if you see an improvement in connection. ^JG

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      Thanks for your message.

      I know about the PSN maintenance, but the weird thing is that my friends are all able to play, they haven't got any problems at all.

      I've also opened a few ports in my router, the ports that match with MW3. That didn't solve the problem aswell. Btw, it isn't just CoD which doesn't work, none of my games can go on multiplayer.

      I really want this problem solved, since I haven't been able to play for almost a week now.

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      i have been having the same issue off and on again for months now with both modern warfare 3 and for black ops 2 and still nothing and i have done the same as the person above and still no improvements so what to do?

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    I have the same issue but not just with mw3, i get the message saying the server is offline for  mw2, mw3, black ops, and black ops2, i havent changed anything since a month ago when i could play them all fine


    Ive tried fowarding all ports for each cod, and placing my ps3 on a static IP and putting in a DMZ but still the exact same message, i've rebooted, signed in/out, deleted and reinstalled the game data for each one and still nothing works


    i dont suppose this is in anyway related to the cod4 server shutting down cos is the only one i think so far that actually HAS shutdown? just a random point




    it could be due to psn maintenance, im in the EU and its been extended again to saturday now, not sure what it is for other areas

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    Just tested and worked: For those of you living in the United States, just log in like normal and it'll sign you in. I still don't know if the store and online servers are up and running as well, but I'll try to figure out later. I also don't know if the U.K or any other countries can log in.Though, I hope this helped a few people in the U.S.

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    said the person, I also have the same problems as someone can find me the solution; I want to play!

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    I'm having this problem!! I can get online on mw2 and every other game.. just not mw3! Has anyone managed to figure it out yet?

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    This problem has been persisting since mw3 first came out. Steam support has offered some fixes, but non that actually works. In this cod forum this question has been asked so many times! and they still havent offered a fix after so many years!


    Things i tried:

    Turning off Antivirus and firewalls

    Turning on NAT settings

    Turning on uPnP settings

    lowering User Account Control settings

    changing download region
    reinstalling and updating steam
    changing router multiplexing to LLC -based and changing connection type to ADSL2+

    port forwarding
    Adding program to firewall
    changing the amount of pings setting in the steam setting section.

    checked VAC ban in the settings section. I am not banned from anything.


    This problem is getting too old. we are being sold broken software.


    when is COD support, activision, infinity ward and steam going to put their heads together and solve this issue. This is not reflecting very well to their client base.

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    Hi. I have same problem, i have no idea what happend, i was playing before just started prestige 3 (37lv) and for next day got this error. I reboot everything i can, reinstall MW3 two times, i was looking youtube videos and all over internet but it didn't help , what to do? Please help.

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    I have the same problem, i don't know  why becuase all of my friends can play it fine but i can't, if someone finds a solution please let me know

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    me too.I have a same problem.We must find the error