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im just better with black ops!?


Ive been trying to get used to ghosts multiplayer game play, but I couldn't stand losing gun fight after gun fight!  I thought it could be that I just had thumb surgery,  but I hopped on and im winning my gun fights!?  So im thinking,  I would be awesome if you ran more map packs through out the two years in between?

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    Ghosts will require a different approach. You need to give it time to adapt. Like you however I went back to blops2. Gameplay is more faster. Action is at the next corner.


    With Ghosts it felt like I was constantly looking through a partly fogged up lens. Maybe they've patched things up now and the colours are less dull.

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    Blops and ghosts is almost chalk and cheese. I've got a number of challenges in the 90% and above range on blops however ghosts hasn't come out of my ps3 since I've started playing it. I do prefer the slower pace on the whole but just recently having some joy with the mtar and rapid fire running & gunning. They've lowered some of the targets needed to beat on ghosts but I won't start them until I've completed them on blops2.Despite its failings blops is a fun game and I intend to come back and finish them challenges

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    If it's actual gunfights only you are talking about, which appears to be the point of the post, I think you can trace the answer to how 3arch and IW handle latency.  It appears you are a connection warrior on BO and take the connection you know where in Ghosts.


    For me, it's the opposite.  I beast in IW games and can't even break even on 3arch games in strict run n gun mode.  In 3arch games I trail the rooms by at least a half second, frequently getting shot, then seeing the dude run around the corner, then raise his gun, then start to fire (not talking them pre-firing corners here;) while in IW games, I constantly kill people face to face that act like they have not seen me yet.


    Hey, it's more plausible than grey-tones only affecting you and not the enemy