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    Ummm, he responded to the OP, not you

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    LMGs move slower, aim slower, and shoot slower than every AR.

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    Yep, I'm an idiot. 

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    By Friday, it is a wonder I can think at all. It's almost the weekend :-)

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    I'm trying to understand if these buff/nerf ideas go through stages or are people just looking for something to complain about since the lag complaints aren't so prominent in this title.


    Whatever. They've gotten boring, the buff/nerf stuff.

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    MK-48 from Black Ops 2 annihilates both of those guns, sorry.

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    This thread must be the written formula for Cancer.


    So much rubbish being spewed. Most people acknowledge the M27 as the most powerful LMG so let's put it up against the Remington R5 Assault Rifle in a comparison:


    M27 IAR vs R5 RGP | BF4 Weapon  Comparison | Symthic

    The M27 has a few 'minor' advantages:


    - Clip/Round size
    - Upward recoil is noticeably less

    - Consistent minimum 4 hit kill

    - Slightly quicker fire rate


    Now what about the R5?


    - Significantly lower reload times
    - Easier threshold for 'reload cancels'
    - Quicker ADS
    - MUCH quicker movement speed

    - Better hipfire capabilities

    - Significantly further initial damage drop off (Meaning it's 3 hit kill range somehow trumps a weapon class actually designed for longer range combat (LMG) than it's own class(AR))
    - Significantly further final damage drop off (Meaning it's 5 hit kill range rarely comes into play if ever, basically making it a minimum 4 hit kill at all ranges, meaning the M27's stronger maximum range damage basically irrelevant)


    In summary the only real advantages the strongest LMG in the game has over a relatively strong Assault Rifle are its'; Clip size & fire rate. Upward recoil is very easy to control and anyone who has used both guns will notice the M27 is probably harder to control than the Remington anyway. The M27 range will never beat out the Remington even though it's in a class that is designed to do so.


    And you think LMG's need to be nerfed, umm, why exactly?

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    Carvalho, agree with you 99%. What's the 1%?


    The fact that people feel a need to compare weapons of differing classes in the first place. LMGs have their place just as SGs, SMGs, ARs, etc have their place. Players that want a weapon that adapts to the most situations? Run an AR. Does that mean they rule the day in EVERY situation? No.


    And people that claim that any one gun does or should rule the day in every situation has a misguided flaw in their understanding of the game's fundamentals.


    Call of Duty is about adapting to the situation. It is not meant to pit shotgun users against LMG users or pistol users against sniper rifle users. It is meant to pit two players against each other with both players having the same weapon and perk options available to both of them.


    He who selects best ... wins.


    (hmmm ... that sounds like an excellent clan motto)

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    Low recoil?  It has been increased from MW3.  They don't even do high damage any more because you get guns like the MTAR-X dealing more damage at maximum range than the LSAT.  The main feature that made LMGs viable were their infinite three hit kill range, which appears to be gone from COD since it was last available in MW3 post-buff or BO1 at launch.  There are plenty of ARs that have decent 3HK ranges so LMGs not having an infinite 3HK range is a bit stupid.

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    TOLAND wrote:


    Yep, I'm an idiot. 

    LOL join the club... We have cookies...

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