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    Yes 1 Million+ People Who All Got False Information. I Got 2 Lines In And Realized I Know More About The Rank System. Probly Why I Stopped Comming On here.


    OP You Cant Edit This Crap?

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    IF your theory is right then please explain how my rank goes from knife with blue eyes all the way down to just skull with blue eyes because i havent been on zombies for a week.

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    I'm not going to read 33 pages of this... But ill post the same thing i said earlier today... You might have a better KD than someone else, but if you have more downs, then you need even a BETTEr kd than him to actually got a new rank, that's what I realised yesterday when one of my friend for the Knife in skull while i'm still a skull. All my stats are better than his, and i got more downs than him, better KD too. So the KD for a certain emblem is affected by your downs i think. The more downs you have, the better KD you actually needs to get an emblem... i think lol

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    Ok dude like really are you that stupid if you went to round 41 you would have atleast 2000 kills

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    Hate to be a buzz kill, but i believe this info is wrong, first I thought the same thing until i stopped playing Black ops for about 3 days...when i got back on, my tallies went from 4 to 1; no deaths and no kills...and after playing more frequently, the tallies increased until I reached 5 (the max) ....after discovering that the tallies are (or so i believe) just a measure of how much u play, i did some calculations on both my and my friends stats...discovering that its more or less a kill to down ratio (50 kills:1 down)...for majority of my friends this ratio fit, being that they have so many kills (100+thousands) I estimate that its 50--200 kills per down depending on your emblem, we assume you need more kills per down as you rank up, especially to the shotgun emblem.

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    Read my post #RedCobra

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    forgot to metion on my previous post: My theory explains how ur emblem can have blue eyes one day and blacked out eyes the next; aka ur tallies/frequency drops

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    Hi RedCobras.


    The OP last logged in back in June 2013

    Nubecannon 19 Dec 2013


    I do not think they will ever see your response anytime soon. Your response is vain.

    You should also search up some more recent rankings thread or Google what JZ had to say about it how it really works.


    The tally bit you worked it out though.

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    The tallies have nothing to do with the ranking, its how often you play, if you have none, you haven't played in ages or never have. 1 means you play rarely every few weeks, 2 means you play once every week. 3 means often, you play every few days, 4 means you play it several times a week and a few times a day and 5 means you play everyday (except one or two occasionally) several times a day.

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         when i started playing zombies. i played town survival with a bunch of newbies and carried my team to lvl 24. i ended up with a reg. skull with 2 tally marks.next game (same map) i played with 2 newbs and 1 guy with the skull and knife + 2 tally marks. the 2 newbs left the game at round 15ish and me and him played till round 32. i had 1000+ kills over 300 head shots. and only had 2 downs. after the game my rank then jumped to a skull + knife and 4 tally marks.


         with that being said. i don't think you need 5 tally marks to rank up. i think that its all about your performance.