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    M4GNUM wrote:



    I love to hunt down campers. I am a deliverer of camper justice. I always laugh at how stupid they are. If they do get the drop on you then stay in the same spot. Or keep going to the same spot each time.

    That's not what you've said about fellas in my clan, I'm 100% certain you said you quit matches because you couldn't beat them..

    Even Beast couldn't believe one of them went 43-3 last week

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    Oh, c'mon! I haven't quit matches because I couldn't beat a camper - especially your clan. I did, however, say that I'll leave a lobby if the last match we had, had a final score of 21 to 17 on Siege. Boring as hell. And predictable. When an OFC or OG member comes into the lobby (which is all of them but maybe one or two who won't corner camp) we know ahead of time that it'll be boring. A camper going 43-3 shows no evidence of skill. That's why I've always said there is no such thing as a good camper. It's an oxymoron. I will cuss and swear at them during a match though. I would blame the other team for allowing someone to camp and get a score like that before I would acknowledge any amount of skill in camping. Doesn't exist.

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    Well I've said before, it doesn't really matter, it all boils down to personal opinion what anyone thinks. And we've had it all said to us before and proved them wrong, so I'll stick to my opinions as you will yours..

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    seriously am i missing something here, campers are targets that dont move right? how does that not make them easier to kill, especially with flank routes on ghosts up the wazzooo...i would rather a "teamate with no skill" corner camp than feed the enemy kills. teammates who go 21/21 are no help at all, they negate themselves. best help they can do is not to die over and over and over and over.

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    No I don't think you missed anything mate, and I PM'd you again..

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