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Welcome To The Worst FPS Game Ever


I just got done playing my fill of COD: Ghosts today, and I'm totally PISSED. I couldn't make it through ONE GAME without some jerkwad hacker (or two) screwing up my fun.


To the people that want to play this game... don't. This game is a total waste, of time and energy, of fun and competition. Oh yeah, and money too! May as well save your $60 and take your girlfriend to dinner, at least you'll get something out of it.


To Infinity Ward: GET RID OF THE HACKERS! Or at the very least get rid of this retarded match-making setup to determine what server you play on (heaven forbid its a p2p connection) and go back to dedicated servers that players manage. If you don't want to deal with hackers then let the players deal with 'em. Not an unreasonable request. (Matter of fact its the only reasonable thing you can do.)


To Sledgehammer (MW4 makers): Do us all a favor, learn from IW's mistakes. Don't just port some crap console version to pc, make it for a pc; dedicated servers players can manage; let us choose the server we want to play on/ have a server list; and make a hack-free game.