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Sugestion for Advanced Warfare


While Ghosts used some dedicated servers along with player hosting for multiplayer, I feel that Advanced Warfare should have more dedicated servers for multiplayer matches than what Ghosts used. Dedicated servers eliminate host advantage and gives everyone in the lobby a more equal footing connection wise. While it won't solve everything when it comes to people's connections, it would be a step in the right direction. I know that it's early to discuss this topic, but I feel that it's important to discuss this to help shape the multiplayer of AW.


Does anyone else want to see more dedicated servers in use for Advanced Warfare and why?

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    I don't know what we had or what we will have but I don't have many connectivity issues in Ghosts. Whatever Titanfall is using is wonderful.


    As long as "host disadvantage" doesn't enter my mind like in BO2, I'm good.

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    if they this call of duty to be "the new era" than they should do everything that they have never done before, and I'm not talking about little bits and pieces...change the entire game! make it look like that its not a call of duty that we used to play, make it totally different.

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    COD Advance Warfare, should be fashioned around the same game play that was in MW3. I feel like the COD series has gone away from that style where I think they had very much success. If AW is anything like MW3, I plan on logging a lot of hours, unlike in Ghost.