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Multiplayer Map Ideas


Post the same thing every season so here goes again. How about;


1. Australia - Sydney

2. Vegas - the Strip

3. Singapore - Orchid Rd with an indoors map at Raffles Hotel

4. New Zealand - Queenstown - Town, Lake and Remarkables


Maps features


1. Day and Night

2. Weather - wind, rain, snow


Here's hoping




old gallp

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    It would be neat if there was a map that got made by being chosen by the fans. Have an open call for locations, then pick the top 5 or 10 and then from that have a vote. But realize that the actual details are still left up to the map designers so it would only be the name of a local that we would be picking.

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    Hopefully they don't follow the Ghosts path and make maps that look like this http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_sRGU_JXOz6E/TU2nLLyENmI/AAAAAAAABko/OHjfnhhmsEY/s1600/ 5178_apocalyptic_destruction.jpg

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    I just want a few good night maps that actually look like it's night time. Not just a bright colored map with a black sky.

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    I would say if you have day and night... Like have the matches set at random points during the day and as the timer progresses, you get dynamic changes in lighting, possibly weather. If they can do this in racing and sports games, hopefully they can implement dynamic weather in a FPS game.


    Ghosts went in the right direction with dynamic environments, hopefully AW takes it one step further with day/night and dynamic weather.

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    There's been a Gallp sighting!!! Good to see you, old boy.


    I have been sounding the alarm on here for Truly Dynamic maps for a while now, including destruction, interactive elements, random time of day and weather. Make the map a Character in the game. In my mind, the map should never look the same at the end of the match as it did at the beginning.


    I like your suggestions quite a bit. No locations to add, really, but I would like to see them be more creative. The urban "destruction" thing is played out. Perhaps just have normal scenarios and let the flow of the game cause that destruction? Have killstreak rewards that cause the damage? Would like to see more natural maps as well. It would be amazing if they gave players the ability to swim, which could allow water to become integral in the design and flow of the maps.


    I think it is time to really move the maps forward. People have mixed feelings about Black Ops (the first), but I felt it was the first game to really innovate in terms of maps. It had interactive elements like doors that opened and shut, which seems like a minor thing, but can really impact the strategy in certain game types. I was glad to see Ghosts work that in a bit as well. But also remember it introduced some elements of destructibility and the Map acting as a character, with elements that could actively kill you if you weren't careful, moving elements, and great sound design with the different surfaces in each map. The details were amazing as well. I still remember in the Stadium, for example, there was a stack of cups in the concession stand. In previous games, if you had hit that it would have just flown away as a single flying object. In Black Ops, however, cups went flying everywhere. It is little details like that which really can make a game replayable and fun.


    Good to see you again, sir, don't be a stranger!

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      HI Drew,


      Thank you for the kind welcome. Silly old gallp is happy to be back.......the fire is stoked, the cushions on the big chair are plumped and a delicious selection of reds have been brought up from the cellar. Quite looking forward to the next CoD and a good old read and write on the forums.


      Enjoyed your tombe on maps. Well thought through as ever.....here's to a fun run up to release starting with a little PvP reveal at E3.


      Yours in CoD

      old gallp

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      Blops 1 had probably the best release maps of any COD(I'm aware some people may disagree). I'd like to see the maps made in Blops 1 style with dynamic elements to them. But things a lot more exciting than what they are in Ghosts.

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        Ive stated this also.The worst map in blops (crisis) is better than any map that we have seen since then.I just don't know what has happened to map design.Ghosts brought back normal size maps,but there still a terrible lay out.There is just too many pathways and some have ridiculous clutter.Stormfront is the worst map i have ever seen.

        Id like to see a cornfield or a farm, huge open space, long grass etc.

        Small villages spread open.


        Something different from all the cities and buildings been shoved down our throat for the last 3 years

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          I like Stormfront. It's probably my favourite map in Ghosts(Plus Stormfront is basically Crossfire). The reason being the fact there isn't much clutter. Outside you have very long lines of sight which is completely different to most maps in recent CODs as the devs seem obsessed with dumping random things ever 2 metres. This also makes navigating maps a nightmare as you have about 10 different angles where you could be shot from.

          I also liked Crisis The worst maps in Blops were Nuketown(I absolutely DETEST that map) and Launch which was boring as hell.

          nicedrewishfela I loved Blops. It was great fun. The party games were awesome as well. For mega lols we would roll python+ACOG or the M60 with extended mags so you could fire without reloading at all(i just kept my finger on the trigger)

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        I will never understand why some didn't like BlOps. I had the best time with that game, and more days in that game than any other CoD to date. I still love to go back from time to time, game is just awesome.

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    1-Uknown pacific island filled with ruins from the world at war 2.

    2- Greece - Athens

    3- Cruise ship - THE WHOLE SHIP

    4- CERN