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  • 50. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - PC Exclusive Information & FAQ

    Ya our admin has had so many gripes with game servers but it's a preference leaning to the home server advantage thing he likes to cut out.  And i'm not very knowledgeable on specs and all that kinda stuff.  But i do understand what u mean

  • 51. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - PC Exclusive Information & FAQ

    The much smaller gameserver companies are considerably better, their servers are updated by the data centre they rent off and because they are small they have to look after thier customers, gameservers have only answered one of my support tickets and that was "we have restarted your server, if you have anymore problems please continue this ticket" they did'nt realise that im actually capable of restarting my own ******* server with my hand being held.

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    No. We don't want anything from Mw2. It was crap. Cod2 has more players right now than MW2, Let that be a testament to the fact that it BLEW.  There's no lean, No customizable console commands like FOV, Max fps, snaps, etc. It's garbage. It's casual, And BF3 is a better casual Game. Until you look farther back at the customization of the oldest cod games, you won't create something good for PC. It's just another console trash port. "Keeping it universal across all platforms"   For PC: BF3 >  It's that simple.

  • 53. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - PC Exclusive Information & FAQ

    I admit I was looking at it from an Australian point of view where it is much easier to find a non-laggy game almost instantly. And for that reason dedicated servers dont seem so bad to me. However in you situation I understand your frustration that you cant find a game as easily. But there IS dedicated servers so your clan can play on lag free versions of those if you choose to buy them. All I was saying is I like the fact that MW3 gives us options to choose how we want to play.

  • 54. Re: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - PC Exclusive Information & FAQ
    wierd worlds are these

    The problem is they are to lazy to actually figure out problem's within the code or are just to stupid to figure it out.


    I will say now that this game for pc is a direct carbon copy of the Xbox version and I am going laugh my bollocks off the 1st, time I see the "Please Reconnect To Xbox Live To Play This Game" screenshot that happend when MW2 was released.


    This year the best game for pc gamers will be Battlefield 3 as it was made with want pc gamers want, better graphic's, better sound, better control's, more customisation, larger map's, larger player count's etc etc.


    As someone else has said the pc gamers hopes now stand with Treyarch to make a game that we want, and to make it how we want it to be made and I am 1 of the people who slates Treyarch for there failures whilst saying how good IW are at making the Call Of Duty games.


    Guess I need to appologise to the Treyarch team as atleast they learnt from some of the mistakes IW made with, MW2 when Treyarch made Black Op's although they still made mistakes, and now IW/SHG obviously didn't learn from the previous mistakes that they made and have made them all again.


    While I will still buy the game simply because I do not believe in pirating games I am only buying it for the Single Player and Spec Op's modes because those I will enjoy where as the Multi Player will not be enjoyed because of the lag and the cheaters especially the cheaters because of the fact, that you can already buy cheat's for the game.


    IW could have made themselves a excellent game with MW3 but obviously they are not interested in that and don't mind loosing money by people, not buying this garbage.


    I am also 100% positive that no member of staff from Infinity Ward or Sledgehammer Games will bother to read, this thread let alone reply to it because they are fully aware of the amount of abuse they will be getting in this thread, also they will not bother to answer anything on Twitter as they very rarely reply to questions regarding the PC/PS3 version, as they are only interested in the Xbox version.


    I was really looking forward to this game but I have to say now my games for this year are going to be purchased in this order.


    1: BF3

    2: Rage

    3: Need For Speed The Run

    4: Halo Anniversary Edition

    5: MW3 if the reviews on the single player and spec op's are good enough.


    Well let's just hope the people that left IW and went to Respawn can do a better job at making a game than the idiot's who still work for IW.

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    Say no by NOT giving them your money. F single player

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    You make alot of valid points but for people who love cod for what it is, an arcade shooter, battield 3 will be extremely frustrating them, i myself can rip entire teams apart in all the cod but put me in battlefield and im completly clueless and there's alot of us out there, we love cod and the run and gun madness that requires you to just be aggresive, but battlefield players (as much as i hate them) are on a different level when it comes to team work. i've seen one team with a really REALLY bad K/D wipe the floor with a team that has a massive killcount, now im all about the kills and obviously im no good in a game like that, the controls feel distant and unresponsive.

  • 57. Re: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - PC Exclusive Information & FAQ

    You sir are an idiot if you had listened to the pc community you'd know iwnet is a pile of garbage and no lean you truly are an idiot.I have today cancelled my pre order and i'm done with any future cod games till true dedi servers are brought back.Did you not say dedi servers setup the same as cod4?well this garbage is nothing like cod4 servers so you sir are a liar.

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    I just knew it ,, Only a few days now . See you on the battlefield

  • 59. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - PC Exclusive Information & FAQ

    how can u tell people there will be dedi's... unranked yes who will buy an unranked it won't happen you know that!!! no lean no fov no maxfps this tells me one thing... it's a port i preordered this game on the strength of what was said at your press conference, and yes you got my money but you'll never get another penny disgusted!!!! i been a life long cod fan no more i also bought bf3..


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