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IWnet again?

What excuse is it?


And no lean because you wanted to keep the game "universal"? Bullshizz

You must have meant "consoly".


And no offence to console players, it is NOT your fault that the PC community hast to live with stupid sh!t like this.

  • IWnet again?

    pc has dedicated servers for mw3.

    • IWnet again?

      ^ From what I understand, it's P2P for Ranked Servers, and dedicated servers for unranked matches. Maybe it's just a lack of clarification, but alot of PC gamers are rather (rightfully) upset about that.

  • IWnet again?

    aint that just complete Bullshizz?  Because clearly, P2P is OBVIOUSLY far superior dedicated servers... especially on PC... what idiot would ever want to play on dedicated servers....


    I mean don't we all love host migrations, lag switchers, hackers, and crippling latency issues all because 1 player's connection was bought from Walmart?


    Apparently the PC gamer's money doesn't mean much to them.  I was actually going to buy MW3 until they announced rank games must be played on that stellar, oh-so-beloved IWnet.


    Maybe AlterIW.net can fix their game for them once again this time around...