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Multiplayer Map Ideas! Agree or Disagree!?!?!

Ok well, I'm a hardcore call of duty fan and i always had ideas on what some good call of duty map ideas would be... & Maybe call of duty employees would read this and take it too heart....




1. Graveyard - Your typical graveyard with large tombstones to hide beyond graves to fall down into with an underground warfare. Then you would have your center of the map be more of the building (which i cannot remember what it is called) but where they have the bodies inside and people can often come to the open casket or what not... but then that would be the center of the map and have a little bit of inclosed warfare, underground warfare, and sniping.



2. Mall - As most of you know Gears of War 3 has a mall map. But i was thinking more along the lines of a terminal type map... Where you have your escalators and elevators...  But more in depth I thought, have a center area where there is a little fountain which is surrounded by stores..... however these stores are 2 stories high and the fountain is on the main floor. So then all these 10 or so stores have stairs/escalators some functional and some not... just to change it up... and then have on the 2nd story more of those same stores but a pathway that provides overview of the lower/main level.



3. Stadium - A combo of the Gears of War 3 map and the Map Stadium on Call of Duty Black Ops... However this would be more in depth then those maps.... As on Gears of War 3 they have a demolished stadium that is completely torn apart... & then there is Call of Duty Black Ops which has a stadium, but it is really more focused outside of the stadium as you can only see the hockey rink and bleachers and you cannot go out there. So what I was thinking for a map like this is that you would have a baseball stadium for example and you could have the feild to run across with accessories on the feild from maybe a pre game warm up session like nets to hide behind that could be glass or something... Then have your little batters cage and stuff like that... Then you would also have your bullpens and dugouts and then have the lockerooms be the spawn points so then one team is coming out of one dugout and the other is coming out of the opponents dugout... Then there is also the stands which could be an addition, but if you ask me i think it would be a very fun map just to stay on the field, dugout, and bullpen...



4. School - This i think would be an intresting multiplayer map as maybe you could have your normal classroom with desks for each individual everywhere.... then you would have your maybe science closet.. Then have the halls. and a whole bunch of classrooms.... Which I think would be very entertaining if for example you kept it all indoors and classrooms for the snipers... But then towards the center of the map off to your right there would be the cafeteria full of tables and a little lunch room. However if you were to go left instead of going into the cafeteria you would go out and into the (fenced in) playground which you could have be accessible also through the classroom windows that you break and can go out there... Which then if this was for say an elementary school playground you could have large slides and huge playground accessories that players could go up into and hide or snipe.



5. Culdasack - Think of a map alot like Nuketown off of Call Of Duty Black Ops, however it provides a whole street/culdasack.... This would be alot like those United States Campaign Scenes from MW2. Then you could have more then 2 accesible houses to go into... and you could have a large area for snipers... with maybe some cars to give cover in the middle of the roads.



6. Wall Strett - As we saw at the E3 Debute there was a campaign mission called Black Friday.... Well maybe you could just have the stock room... All those computers everywhere and machines... have papers and boxes and offices and thats it... There really isn't much that needs to be in this and maybe off to the side through doors you can't go through... You could see that bull in new york city!




I've got plenty of other Ideas i just wanted to share these and maybe I would get my voice heard! Thank You Everyone... Let me know what you think!






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