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An open letter to whom it may concern from PC gamers


To whom it may concern,


Hi from the PC community and we wanna let you know we only want what is best for our beloved CoD Franchise. First off, I'll explain why having the only means of "Ranked" gameplay over IWNet is bad for MW3 on this platform. I'll start with the cons because this is on all our minds.


Cons- Absolutely no admins. Hackers have no immediate punishment for their actions and players are defenseless against them. The matchmaking can work at the game's busiest times, but it is mediocre at best. Often times players will be thrown into the same match they just left because of a hacker, griefer, or bad connection. I have no control on how long games are last and are stuck playing games better adapted for the slower style of play necessary for consoles. The connection will be mediocre at best. (Although gameservers.com isn't much of an upgrade ) I will be thrown into modded lobbies that will alter my classes, rank, may break my game, and even get me banned from play online.


Pros-  I don't have to take a day playing the game finding a server or two that I like and actually add them to favorites. I can party up with my friends and use teamwork to beat up on random players who may be at a connection disadvantage and have no communication to stroke my ego. I can party up with friends and just have fun. I can do whatever I want to do, be abusive, be racist, and be annoying with out any retribution from any other player. I can play the game anyway I want without being truely bothered by anything. I can check leadersboards in which player 1 has 1000000000000000000000000 in less than 20 minutes played. I can keep track of my games yet another way with a watered-down version of CoD Elite.


Dedicated Servers might not be a perfect system in themselves either though. Therefore I will list the pro's and con's of both as well.


Cons- The integrity of this enviroment is much harder to control due to players having access to the server's files (why not have Elite but still have levels?) Admins can abuse their rights to set up servers with rules or map rotations that some players might not like. Admins can also abuse their powers to kick innocent players. There's no player hosting so the one player who was the host might not have as much fun now.


Pros- Complete customization and satisfaction of the Multiplayer Experience. Many players will finally leave CoD4 to play on MW3 as it will definately go down in history as the best FPS in 4 years with truely CoD4-like servers. The competitive community will pick this up and run with it. This will bring more players to the game when the teams brag about how they won their ladder/tourney/league on older games. People will run clanservers. Players will buy the game to play with their clan. No lag is out of the control of the players. Hackers/abusers can an will be taken care of.


This is the Hardline. No IWNet isn't completely useless. I'm glad people who want to take part in things like partys and matchmaking can. But when all you have is IWNet, you get the situation that I just described above. MW3 is gonna release in ~2 weeks. It won't support ranked dedicated servers on launch. IW already has the frame work. They've just disabled the interface. Sure they'll probably never release Elite ranked servers. But at least ranked as far as we can enjoy all the same features on IWNet. Please support dedicated servers in this compacity at least. If you don't want to play on dedicated servers because you think the integrity of the game is going to be affected then stay on IWNet. We'll keep off  the Elite radar as to not mess with your leaderboards or global stats. We just want to be able to enjoy the game like anyone else. but just in the capacity that would actually make this game a success because lets be frank, If MW3 released unrestricted servers where we can still have a level up progression off the Elite radar, This game would be a best seller on PC. That is the only thing thats holding it back.


I know that IW/Activision wanna stick to IWNet because they want to promote Elite. In fact IMO thats the whole reason why MW2 had P2P servers, not because they wanted to sell us DLC. They had bigger plans, they wanted to sell Elite. It is my belief that Elite didn't just come out of nowhere. They've had it in the works for several years. Before MW2 even. Black Ops was integrated with elite from day one on the consoles. Every game log is sent to the Elite servers, they did a great job hiding it as "playercard stats" but  it was just part two of their experiment. And Elite will be great on console. They'll eat it up.


But this is my advice to IW and Activision. Please give up Elite for PC, sure you can still include the stat tracking on IWNet. but don't force it on everyone. Unlock Dedicated servers, give us our CoD4/WaW controls. If you do that you will more than make up for a few lost Elite Premium Subscriptions. You guys will get a huge of sales once people hear how close it is to CoD4. MW3 will smash BF3 in sales on PC if you fully unlock dedicated servers. There hasn't been many great FPS's on PC for a few years. BF3 and RO2 were close but their followings can't take over CoD. They are totally different games and styles. Unlocking the game to its full potential can only help sales on PC and sales overall. The framework is there. Just a couple weeks to perfect the GUI and you can release patch 1.337 and save this franchise on PC.


Elite will be great on consoles. It caters exactly to their needs. But, Sorry, Activision. You were too late on PC. We've already had all those features on PC for a long while now. We've been tracking our own stats with services like UltraStats, XLRStats, B3, Gametracker, and BTM. We've been recording our games with /record since day 1. We've had chats and social networks within Xfire, Steam, even our own sites and forums for years. We've had our own competitve leagues and tournements for years. And we give out real prizes to PC gamers. We've learned ourselves how to improve by practice, by coaching by clanmates and friends, and by even watching youtube. The compete, connect, improve model has existed on the PC market for years and you're getting into it too late. You'll take Elite far on Xbox and Playstation 3. You showed up too late for PC though. Trying to force this now upon your playerbase is only going to hurt you sales now and for the future.


Please, realize who your market is. Don't get rid of Elite PC and don't get rid of IWNet entirely. But don't force it upon us who don't need it. Sell us what we came to CoD for. I'm going to wrap this up with an analogy that I think sums this up pretty well. Activision is a bike shop and we as PC gamers are looking to buy a bike. Sell us a bike, we didn't come to the bike shop looking for a brand new pickup truck with all the bells and whistles. Sure everyonce in awhile there will be someone who will buy the pickup from you but the majority of the people who go to a bike shop want to buy a bike, they already have a car to drive. If you're a bike shop and you're trying to sell a truck you're not gonna be very successful. If you're a dev studio and you're trying to sell us benefits that we're already getting from different source, you're not gonna be very succesful.


Now I'm not a business expert, but I am a salesman by occupation. But please take my argument into consideration. Activision can look at the success they will have with CoD and Elite and be proud of themselves. They earned it. But please don't try pushing something into a market that it doesn't belong in. Look at all your profits that you made on the main console release and take pride in making a game for the PC community that everyone will like. One that has IWNet, One that has Dedicated Servers. One that has lobbies, parties, and a version of Elite that works for who you're selling it too. But make a game also that has all the features for us who Elite doesn't cater too, rank up, modtools, custom maps, config and server tweaks. You will restore the respect from all the fans who've felt betrayed. You'll place CoD back on top of the PC gaming scene. And you just might be surprised to find that you'll walk home with a little bigger Christmas Bonus this year.




A hopeful and supportive PC community


I hope at least some of you could bear with me with this one. If everone could try to get our message conveyed to IW we can hopefully see this change implemented. If I offended any of you with the opening statement I'm sorry, I was trying to set the context. Hopefully IW will see this. I'll see if I can get someone's attention in IW to read this. Thanks guys. please offer feed back before i send this to IW/Activision too. (OBV the first paragraph will be left out in the version sent to IW)


If you're still reading all the way down here then thanks guys. look forward to seeing you on the battlefield.


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    It's something I've been saying in my home and discussing with my local friends, online friends and clan members all along. We say these exact things everyday. Everything you said is just how I and many others here feel. This is something they need to read. This is all we need.


    Thank you, sir.


    Good post, if a little long.


    One thing - you misunderstand how stats are going to work. For PC players, they aren't going to be global. You will only be able to view your own stats, or those of your friends. I'm not even sure if we get leaderboards like we had in BO.


    I personally do not give a crap about stats. I never have done so. I think I viewed the BO leaderboard once, when someone told me all the top names were obvious aimbotters, and I loled at it. I think it is a GOOD IDEA they gave us unranked dedis, so that we can control our servers properly like "proper" dedis, and get away from this bloody obsession with stats and ranks. I could care less about ranks. I just want all my weapons, perks and attachments on day 1 and have a blast on the battlefield, not having to worry about some stat/rank whore whose only concern is getting to the next level.


    People keep saying "oh, but unranked BO servers sat empty". Yeah, that was before, when ranked BO servers were dedicated servers. This time, ranked will be P2P, and you will have to sacrifice your ping in order to get your rank. It wont be the easy option like it was with BO. So, it is illegitimate to compare what happened previously with unranked servers to this new situtation, as before, a player was never put in the situation where he had to sacrifice his ping in order to get his ranks. It is a REAL sacrifice, and time will prove that for most PC players, ping really is more important than rank.


    I firmly believe that many, many casual PC players will try ranked P2P at first. Then, when they get sick of waiting eternally in the lobby to get a game; when they get sick of the bad pings; when they get sick of the host advantage; when they get sick of the host migrations; when they get sick of all the hackers, they will realise there is an alternative - unranked dedicated servers, where they can get that top weapon or attachment straight away, where their pings are magnificant, and where they don't have to sit waiting in a lobby. Then, for the first time, we will see unranked numbers topping those in ranked P2P.


    Cya on the unranked battlefied.

    • An open letter to whom it may concern from PC gamers

      The intent of this post is more to change the game even further than what we have now. Its been change to be more of an open letter to Activision to encourage them and maybe to explain to them what their market is and how they are making a mistake on how to force elite onto PC players. Sometimes a little push is a good thing, but forcing it, as they have proven before, will not work. Honestly if they truely made the game like CoD4 with completely unlocked servers with the same emblems, level progression, persks killstreaks and shabang like on Elite controlled IWNet then this game would become king of PC. I don't know how they can't see that. Maybe they have never really had a good read about what the PC community wants in relation to you're goals. This is supposed to clear up that murky water between the PC players demands and Activisions goals. Obviously they're goal as a business is make money. They need to be flexible though. they don't necessary need to throw away those goals completely, but they need to fixate themselves on adapting those business plans smoothly into their various markets. With quality comes quanity, those standards will dictate that selling a game that appeases their market for one price will bring in more profits than selling a product that is going to be rejected by alot but tagging on a monthly charge. People will buy things like DLC/Elite subscriptions when they see value in the core product but if the core product doesn't fit the market then how can they buy DLC/Subscriptions when they don't even want the core game. Its the concept of Elasticity of Demand. The system now is an improvement over what we had in MW2 but such a large majority would enjoy this game more if IW/Activision could see what makes their game great for the PC market. I would not be opposed at all to a late release if Devs spent the time to the time to perfect this SKU for its market instead of forcing an Xbox game into the PC markets. I don't know a single person that would disagree

      • An open letter to whom it may concern from PC gamers

        I hear both sides of the argument, some people want to rank up and some people do not. In my opinion dedicated servers can be provided for both. If you could please include this option to Activision/IW/SH.


        Ranked Dedicated Servers
        People will pay to lease from a 3rd party hosting company, more revenue for the franchise / royalties etc. IW can still maintain control over the server such as map rotation, settings, not private etc. The server files are not given to players, instead a Ranked Dedicated Server must be leased. Perhaps some slight customisation might be an admin being able to name the server and, although not nescessary, the ability ban / kick players from that particular server. This option primarily gears itself to providing what everyone expected out of "dedicated servers" and still behaves the same as P2P with regards to rules and settings but allows for an actual decent connection and some limited adminsitration.


        Unranked Dedicated Servers

        The other option as it currently stands. Fully customisable, server files are given to players. This caters to the other players who don't care about stats or rank and want to start with every weapon from day one as well as server admins wanting to stop certain playstyles etc.


        So I do not understand why both options cannot be placed within the game and the player can decide how they want to play, ranked or unranked without that option effecting their connection and experience etc.


        It just seems logical to do it this way. It caters for both arguments and if anything provides a more secure environment for players and the franchise as a whole. A Ranked Dedicated Server provided by a 3rd party hosting company is far less likely to be hackable than a user-created P2P lobby.


        Otherwise why buy the game at all when "private servers" with what the community want will eventually come out anyway for free.

        • An open letter to whom it may concern from PC gamers

          That's where I think the problem may be. I could be wrong, and you guys can just tell me, but wouldn't - in their eyes - giving up server files for the unranked servers lead to the threat and unprotection of the ranked servers if they did so?  Wouldn't having the server files lead to  manipulation of code for the ranked servers?


          Like I said, I could be wrong, but if so, why couldn't we have ranked default and protected by one exclusive gsp and unranked server files given to us for Black Ops?

          • An open letter to whom it may concern from PC gamers

            [pde]paulkersey wrote:


            That's where I think the problem may be. I could be wrong, and you guys can just tell me, but wouldn't - in their eyes - giving up server files for the unranked servers lead to the threat and unprotection of the ranked servers if they did so?  Wouldn't having the server files lead to  manipulation of code for the ranked servers?


            Like I said, I could be wrong, but if so, why couldn't we have ranked default and protected by one exclusive gsp and unranked server files given to us for Black Ops?


            Correct. This is why every studio that has a ranked system has to "approve" who can run a ranked dedicated server. BF do it with the "trusted GSP" system; RO2 does it by Tripwire manually approving every application for ranked status; and Treyarch did it by selecting just one GSP. But the key thing is - you can't have just any old person running a ranked server.


            Theoretically, IW could have done something similar, they didn't, and we have to live with it.

  • An open letter to whom it may concern from PC gamers

    Just wanted to say I completely agree with this post and am sure most of the PC community will as well.  I for one would rather not have Elite if that is the sole reason for unranked servers.


    This is a great solution provided by the OP for everyone to be happy with, abillity to party up w/ friends for matchmaking, keeping whatever integrity Elite has in mind, and ranked dedi's for those who like to rank up, unranked for the game customizations.


    Thanks to O'Reily for this great post and great representation of how the PC community feels. My only hope is that it actually gets read by IW.

  • An open letter to whom it may concern from PC gamers

    Hello, I'm a french player (so excuse my english)


    First of all, I totally agree with this post.


    I'm playing call of duty 4 and this game is so cool...but it's aging (..correct ? old ?)

    As a player, i would like :



    - Modtool...yeah....


    - Promod (seriously, its so easy for you to make a promod)

    Just delete the perks/red dots/killstreaks/grenade launcher....Hop you got a promod like.


    - Dedicated servers (gameservers/nitroserv etc...)


    - Why steam ? I don't know iyou listen the players, but xfire is perfect to play call of duty. We don't need steam.


    - Elite ? hum.For pc players, like he said, we already got youtube, facebook, esl, clanbase, live4cup, lcod etc...We don't need Elite ! Just leave it to consoles.


    - Cfg : Again...we are pc players, a lot of different cpu/gpu etc.....cfg tweaking allow the player to optimize his game.



    Like you said, the fact is...we are not consoles players.



    You don't have to be afraid with the sales...Call of duty 4 : 18 Millions sales ?



    Innovation may be clever, but....sometimes...not !


    I don't expect Activsion to listen to us....

  • An open letter to whom it may concern from PC gamers

    OReily I share your feelings. Why can't they just copy paste Crysis 2 system? This lame ass game has such a perfect matchmaking system powered by lobbies it makes me sad.


    We're too insignificant for IW as a community. I don't like BF3, but they will sell LOTS on PC. I hope that by showing the market possibility of the PC community someone in EA will say: "hey if you would add a few things we might be able to take a piece of this cake too!".

  • An open letter to whom it may concern from PC gamers

    I don't know all of the in's and out's of the ranked vs. unranked dedicated servers.  I don't mind ranking up, but I'm fine with not ranking up.  I just want servers we can admin ourselves as clans, determining what we want to offer people who chose to visit our servers, and have the ability to kick/ban people who don't abide by our simple rules.  That way our kids, and we the adults, can have a pleasant time without all of the trash talk and idiots.  And please, please give the people who are talented enough to mod, the ability to create maps and mods that will make our game play infinite and interesting!  I guess I'm old school, but I still miss those Lord of the Rings maps and all of the other great modded maps from the old days of COD! 


    I plan to wait and see with this one as most of my clan is going to purchase the new BF3 instead of MW3.  They have been disappointed one too many times by COD in recent years.  I however, hate the BF series and would love to see COD command the PC arena once again.  For now, I'm back to playing Jedi Academy (yeah, me and the 10 other ppl in the world who still play!) for old times sake and hoping MW3 will turn out to be something wonderful!


    [DaDs] Mustang Sally

  • An open letter to whom it may concern from PC gamers

    It's a real shame. To me it appears that the dedicated servers were added, but not explained, so that the PC gamers would jump on board not realizing, but now that I realize it seems like such a slap in the face.


    I think we might see BF3 take some market share here because it appears THEY aren't taking the PC gamers for granted. BF3 graphics on the PC are great and they'll have full dedicated server availability.

    I haven't been a fan of that franchise, but I am a fan of playing with my clan and having fun. I think having a Ranked Dedicated server is a big part of that.


    Unfortunately, it seems to be about business. This small change allows them to keep the MW2 system. Changing it just for PC gamers, their minority, may not make sense from a profit point of view. Saying that this move will make the game hacker free is a joke. We all know the best way to prevent hackers is to put the people in charge of the servers and admin kick or report players. We've all seen it a thousand times. Why would it change now?

    • An open letter to whom it may concern from PC gamers

      Already 2-3 people in my clan, who had to choose due to money, have chosen to buy BF3 and not MW3 due to the news about dedicated servers and Elite not being available for PC.


      Others have said they might do the same.


      I wasn't a huge fan regarding some of the things in Black Ops, but ...


      1. Black Ops server setup WAS so much better than MW2.

      2. Black Ops had stats in the game, but MW3 will have them in Elite.


      The fact that Elite won't be available on top of the misleading dedicated server situation is such a big deal because it makes a huge part of the game unavailable for PC players.


      Shame on you guys. Seriously. This is simply unfair to the PC community.

  • Re: An open letter to whom it may concern from PC gamers

    The Ranked (controlled mostly by IW, with limited options for its lease holder) and Unranked (what they are doing) options idea I have brought up before and totally agree with it.  BO, like I have said before, was a huge step forward (or maybe backward tbh) to get PC players back to our roots.


    I like ranked, I like the leveling up and unlocking weapons/attachments.  It gives a slight RPG feel to FPS games which I truely enjoy.  I don't find an unfair advantage to this, simply because it only takes a couple rounds to get a few levels (I used the Intervention or UMP in MW2, and any weapon from MW1/BO, still got my kills and streaks).  Part of this is adapting to the weapons and learning.  Same for MMOs for me, learn a spec, but keep your options open for other types of specs for different scenarios.


    Unranked servers are fine and dandy, but those that remove my immersion and enjoyment will be plenty, where the few that may try to implement more stock rules will be very few.


    However, even though we PC gamers are being heard by deaf ears, it is nice to see so many come out of the woodwork and state their disbelief in how we are treated, yet again.


    -off topic rant-

    The offensive comments I read in other forums really irk me.  "Get a better connection!".  I don't choose where I live (military) and I don't choose how good the ISP is here.  I have the best I can get without routing thousands of dollars worth of fiber optic for T1/3.  I live in a city of 60k, and the closest city with even half of that is 200+ miles away.  NOT MY FAULT!

    • An open letter to whom it may concern from PC gamers

      Here's IW's moronic logic. Given the uproar that occurred over MW2's IWNet, let's bring dedicated servers back but put them in unranked mode and put the IWNet in the clearly favored ranked mode.Yeaaaaaaaaaaah. Then to assume PC players are going to buy the bullshit that they spew in the FAQ through their PR mouthpiece Robert is hilarious. Yeah I can see all of the "special PC-exclusive devtime" they put into it. A whole month's worth.

  • An open letter to whom it may concern from PC gamers

    AMEN to OP. Why don't we all tweet Robert Bowling this link at least once on a daily basis? If he sees unison posts continously on a daily basis, he's going to eventually get curious and read it.

  • An open letter to whom it may concern from PC gamers

    AMEN to OP. Why don't we all tweet Robert Bowling this link at least once on a daily basis? If he sees unison posts continously on a daily basis, he's going to eventually get curious and read it.

  • An open letter to whom it may concern from PC gamers

    Yeah, he'll print it out on toilet paper and wipe his ass with it. That's how much of a **** he gives. The series is finished on the PC.