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Quick Scoping... A Civilized Discussion

Quick scoping...  It can be labeled several different things.  An exploit, all luck, all skill, easy, hard, part of the game, etc.  We can all agree to disagree on what it truely is.  Now ask yourself this question:  Would removing quickscoping from Call of Duty benefit the majority of its core players?  Discuss.

  • 1. Quick Scoping... A Civilized Discussion

    I'm completely indifferent to it. People wanna "quickscope" let em. I don't see how it's removal would benefit anyone.


    If it were removed, the "quickscopers" would cry. Since it's being kept, the anti-quickscopers are crying. Someone has to cry. Looks like it's the antis.


    Oh well, boo hoo.

  • 2. Quick Scoping... A Civilized Discussion

    It's part of the game.

  • 3. Quick Scoping... A Civilized Discussion

    We all understand that it is clearly part of the game.  All of us have died at one point from a quick scope.  The discussion is whether or not the removal of it would benefit Call of Duty's player base as a whole.

  • 4. Quick Scoping... A Civilized Discussion

    I don't mind if people quick scope. It's always a riot when you get down to a 1v1 in search and destroy where both dudes are using sniper rifles and spend the last 2-3 minutes of the match trying to quick scope each other. It's HILARIOUS! Then one of them finally grows a brain and pick up thar Assault Rifle on the ground and blows the other guy into oblivion.

  • 5. Re: Quick Scoping... A Civilized Discussion

    Nope. In the sense of purely who benefits and who doesn't, the people that make themselves known as quickscopers will either accept it, or hate it.


    I honestly believe the removal of quickscoping in Black Ops badly affected the usability of sniper rifles, which imo caused more frustration in getting killed by them.


    Basically, I at least think that if I got killed by a sniper at close range, I could blame it on quickscoping, whereas without it I would have to scratch my head in amazement as to how he got the shot off.


    Either way, I look forward to sniping and fighting snipers in MW3.

  • 6. Re: Quick Scoping... A Civilized Discussion

    I think it's just fine. All it serves as is a fun way to mix up the game and provide some interesting footage; it isn't particularly advantagous but does take some skill to master. It is nice to see perks like quickdraw in this installment, and I'm glad there will be something that a few players can use to compete with full auto weapons (to a certain extent).

  • 7. Quick Scoping... A Civilized Discussion

    i believe the developers put certain things into the game to give certain classes a better chance given to certain scenarios. if some people learn to exploit it to their advantage, so be it. ive only ever run into a handful of worthy QS's the rest were decent at best or terrible to say the least.  SO all an all i dont really care one way or the other.  BUT... if its the same as in COD4 or MW2, there will be a river of tears from people on this forum.  LOL

  • 8. Quick Scoping... A Civilized Discussion

    I just want some opinions, folks!  If quick scoping were to be removed from Call of Duty, would it benefit gameplay for the majority of players???

  • 9. Quick Scoping... A Civilized Discussion
    What The Moose

    I would have to say no, it would not benefit the majority of players because it would increase the amount of Assault Rifles and SMGs used and those weapons would basically be the only weapons used in a match.  Also, the point that Treyarch "removed" quickscoping from Black Ops is false; they made it more difficult but not totally impossible.

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