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  • 50. Quick Scoping... A Civilized Discussion

    Its not the same as 4. SoH Pro allows the quicker ADS to simulate you looking through the scope because it is so fast the system doesnt know any better. In 4 you still had to bring up the scope for it to work. You couldnt fire half way through the animation and have the same effect.  The best solution is to do what I think they have done. Make so that the Quicker ADS perk does not work on sniper rifles.


    That way it goes back to being to being like 4. And most will be happy.

  • 51. Quick Scoping... A Civilized Discussion

    Yes, thats why I said with faster ADS.  You're literally proving my point.  If you ADS *FOR A SPLIT SECOND* the animation in the kill cam shows that you never scoped in.  I bet anyone that fires halfway through the animation in MW2 is a terrible quickscoper.  With that being said...in CQC you can get away with not scoping in for the fraction of a second...but if you want to hit a medium to long range QS, you pretty much HAVE to scope in for a split second.  I'm not talking about a full second...I literally mean a fraction of a second...enough to make sure your crosshairs are on target. 

  • 52. Quick Scoping... A Civilized Discussion

    Quickscoping, hardscoping, and just plain sniping are all relevant and I believe needed to remain and flourish in the Cod franchise. A good quickscoper may seem overpowering at times and unrealistic but I'ld rather get quickscoped than noob tubed any day.

  • 53. Quick Scoping... A Civilized Discussion

    I would rather be killed by a explosion [like would really happen] rather be Hope Scoped [like you shouldn't be]. Its the equivalent of being Commando lunged.

  • 54. Quick Scoping... A Civilized Discussion

    News flash: They aren't mutually exclusive; thus you can have non-tubing and non-QS'ing games lol.

  • 55. Quick Scoping... A Civilized Discussion

    Does anyone read anymore?  You do ADS when quickscoping...away with your "hopescope" talk. 


    Bottom line is it takes more skill to quickscope than it does to tube.


    Quickscoping=hitting target


    Tubing=hitting general vacinity. 


    No contest.

  • 56. Quick Scoping... A Civilized Discussion

    By your logic knifing takes tremendous skill then; as you have to be within a certain range AND be sometimes facing the target with someimtes no obstructions in the way - LOL.

  • 57. Quick Scoping... A Civilized Discussion

    Most Hope Scopes I've seen aren't even on target. Thus the target assist leading the bullet. Its alright. I know you need something to keep your self esteem high. Its craps. Thus the whining for it to be put into BlackOps, thus becoming Patch Scoping. So its not a skill. It is something that the devs put into the game to appease goofs to keep them buying DLC/gams. Black Ops proved it....PERIOD.

  • 58. Quick Scoping... A Civilized Discussion

    By all means, if you're going to use nothing but a knife...more power to you.  m/l/c users are only dangerous in CQC.  I would saying getting a positive score with w/ a knife only is a lot more challenging than QSing.

  • 59. Quick Scoping... A Civilized Discussion

    No it wouldn't. They are taking out one man army because people used it to sit and fire constant explosions at people. Compare that to quickscoping. Taking that out would only piss off a mass amount of people and make those few people that suck at the game and can't kill someone using a sniper when they are using a full autogun at close range happy. It's part of the game so learn to adapt and get over it. Enjoy yourself.

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