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Map Idea For A Map Pack!

I thought of a map that is based in a city on the coast and i would call it "Coast" one team starts in the city but only part of it is the map and  you can only go in some building and you can take lift or stairs to the diffrent floors but some floors you can not get on because they have collapsed or something has crashed into it. The other team starts on assult craft in the sea and you have to run up the beach to get into the city but after the start the spawrning changes unless if it is search and destroy, on the beach there will be cover like blockades so that the people runing up the beach do not get guned down by LMG and Snipers. This map would be good for the big heavy long range guns and those that like to run around, the high floors in the building would be good for sniper's to watch the streets but to make it fair and balenced there would be lots of cover on the roads for people.


Thank You For Reading


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