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Guns in campaign

So I was wondering, why is it that there are always guns in campaign that don't make it to multiplayer; I mean why would Infinity Ward go through all the trouble to code and design the guns (ak-74u, m21, ect) only to put them into campaign where many people either don't play, play once (maybe not even completing it), or just play campaign, where at least they have all of the guns?  It just seems like such a waste of precious disk space to do this (they could easily make another map instead of these wasted guns), does anybody agree?

  • Guns in campaign

    Sometimes they run out of time or there simply isn't a reason to include a gun. Just look at Black Ops and their plethora of useless clones. There's no point if the guns play the same. You want diversity or people get bored of playing. That's why some guns (like the Dragunov) don't make it into the game.

  • Guns in campaign

    Where will be even more guns in the final game then we saw on CoD XP. For example the M240. At the moment we can`t tell if guns like the Ak-74u, Vector, MP5K, M21ebr, RPD are just in the SP or maybe even survivalmod only. I think that some of them will be included later in the game. Or maybe all that we saw at CoD XP was just a kind of a BETA version of MW3.