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Petition to remove aim assist from sniper rifles


ATTENTION INFINITY WARD STAFF****Petition to remove aim assist from sniper rifles****


If all you quickscopers believe you have pure aiming skill then you would gladly accept the removal of aim assist from all sniper rifles....that way you can still quickscope to your hearts content...only problem is you will miss 98% of the time...


That being said..the community is big for quickscoping...so it still is requested that a seperate lobby is introduce where aim assist is enabled still so they can still have their public quickscope matches



Quickscoping is a game exploit and is not a skill. Yes it takes skill to master quickscoping, but that is because you are mastering a exploit...that is to say its the same as someone learning how to glitch under a map and may take 5mins for them to do it...but when they master it they can do it first try...that doesn't make them a good player because they mastered an exploit.








2.SET THE GAME RULES TO Hardcore TeamDeathmatch with unlimited time








6.Proof it is an aim assist exploit




Don't just comment in and cry...try the custom match for yourself


and AGAIN!...if you believe that you TRUELY ARE AIMING while quickscoping ...then why would it matter if aim assist is removed? why would you complaining if its all skill? if you truely can quickscope without aim assist...then having it removed shouldn't be a problem agreed?  IF you are going to argue that aim assist has nothing to do with quickscoping..you aren't making a strong point disagree with me. Because if its removed it shouldn't effect your "SKILL".





your thoughts?


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  • 1. Petition to remove aim assist from sniper rifles

    1st. It would be cool if it got turned off but it wont.

    2nd. How is quickscoping an exploit when IW is telling us its in the game and have shown trailers of quickscoping?

    3rd. If you do think its a "expliot" then why are you on the official MW3 forums saying your accepting invites to a match that is favoring quickscoping

    4th. Also if its an expliot and cheating then why would you start a petition about turining off 1 variable for quickscoping.

  • 2. Petition to remove aim assist from sniper rifles

    You are going to piss a lot of people off, my good sir. I agree with you to some extent. I don't think snipers should be able to ADS faster than an assault rifle. Black Ops had it right in the aspect that snipers should not be affected by SoH pro. I'd settle for CoD4 sniping.

  • 3. Petition to remove aim assist from sniper rifles

    if cod 4 had the same hit registration as mw2 you would still be able to quickscope almost identicle to mw2

  • 4. Petition to remove aim assist from sniper rifles

    challenge me to a custom match then if you think you know so much about quickscoping. Seriously...have you ever played a hc match and tried quickscoping teamates the whole game?  you would rarely get a teamkill.


    Yes infinity ward is promoting it....but treyarch GIMPED IT AND CLAIMED IT AS AN EXPLOIT...the only reason IW is promoting it is because 90% of the players that still play mw2 ARE QUICKSCOPERS....


    The othe issue is i rarely see a quicscoper come out on top of the leaderboards....so they don't get many kills...but that doesn't change the fact that whenever i get killed by one i still cringe and feel less motivated to play the game because i believe i was dogged out of a kill...Its the same as when players glitch under the map and shoot you from somewhere you can't get them...It isn't skill its an exploit and it makes players less motivated to play/ruins their game.......


    gimp quickscoping....quickscopers can cry for a while....then get over it and play proper OR make  quickscoping only playable in a seperate lobby....OTHERWISE EVERYONE WILL START QUICKSCOPING AS IT WILL BE THE ONLY MEANS TO PLAY.

  • 5. Petition to remove aim assist from sniper rifles

    Treyarch and IW are to totally different developers... In case you havent noticed. If you dont like quickscoping play BO if you do play mw2. Dont sit here and complain. Its a very simple solution

  • 6. Petition to remove aim assist from sniper rifles

    MW2 quickscoping was seriously easy. I played on PC so never had aim assist and rarely used steady aim so..

  • 7. Re: Petition to remove aim assist from sniper rifles

    OP... can we at least play the game before we petition to tweek something 0.01% of the COD community has even played?




    There is no need to #prewhine.



  • 8. Petition to remove aim assist from sniper rifles

    you can quite easily precision aim on a pc with a mouse....console is different...and removing the aim assist would gimp 90% of quickscopers with no aiming talent....i mean for god sakes have you even witnessed a quickscoper on console try to hardscope? most of them cannot aim for ****...but can quite easily quickscope across the map.

  • 9. Petition to remove aim assist from sniper rifles

    its a prewhine as i can't stand playing mw2 ...as most of the players now quickscope...so whats the point of going to mw3 where all these players will advance too and do the same annoying thing?

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