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  • 50. Should snipers be nerfed in MW3?



    They should not be nerfed...the aim assist simply needs to be removed from the sniper rifles....

  • 51. Should snipers be nerfed in MW3?

    everygun requires aim. but the sniper rifle can kill faster then other guns which it should not be able to do

  • 52. Should snipers be nerfed in MW3?

    If a Sniper (Quickscoper) Misses ONCE face to face against a SMG/AR/LMG/SHOTGUN he's going to get owned unless the guy is a complete train wreck when it come's to aiming, and Mw2 they balanced sniping quite abit, they gave it a VERY big chance to get hitmarker's and as it does, there are ALOT of hitmarker's, the reason they have to keep QSing is because Black Ops when to the crapper because they ruined QSing so all the QS'ers who couldnt handle or couldnt bothered being the only class that got nerfed went back to Mw2 and Mw to this day Mw is HUGE amongst Sniper's because it's just PERFECT, if they get rid of aim assist from sniper's they are obligated to remove it from all gun's as SMG's shouldnt be able to shoot across map's, AR's should have alot more recoil, shotguns should have HUGE recoil and VERY short range, and LMG's should have side and up down recoil, if they did that then Snipers even without Aim assist would then win because they'd be the only accurate class and the game would be BORING as all hell, MW won game of the year (made by Infinity Ward) and Mw2 also won Game of the year (Infinity Ward) Black Ops didnt win it and neither did WaW because they were trash compared to Infinity wards game's. In CoD there are always rigged gun's, UMP45/AK74U/SCAR-H/ACR/SPAS/TUBES they should leave sniper's as they seem to be making them in Mw3. And sinse we according to those above we cant talk about the game being realistic, If the AR's have barley no recoil the SMG's can shoot cross map SHOTGUNS no recoil and long distance and LMG's with No RECOIL (RPD) they should leave sniper's as they are as a 1 hit, if they make it like Black ops like treyarch did they will lose customer's like Black Ops did and Treyarch got so many freakin complaints they ended up removing the sniper sway anyway so it's pointless to skrew around with sniping because we occupy a VERY big part of the CoD community

  • 53. Should snipers be nerfed in MW3?

    unless they use sleight of hand pro in mw2

  • 54. Should snipers be nerfed in MW3?

    Have to disagree Padiego. Quickscoping makes people happy. Keep it. Fine. But don't make it a two hit kill for all Snipers. Some need to be 1SK. It makes us "camper" snipers unable to kill people. I want to snipe too, but I don't want to run around. When I shoot someone in the chest with a 50 cal, they should be going down.

  • 55. Re: Should snipers be nerfed in MW3?

    In my opinion they should be nerfed.

    At least these three things should be done to make them more balanced:

    Remove aim assist
    Make ADS slower / disable Quickdraw
    Limit mobility


  • 56. Re: Should snipers be nerfed in MW3?

    Not a fan of quickscoping. And by that, I mean I hate it. Quickscopes lobbies were it is possibly would be fine, but like most, I don't want some guy twirling around & not aiming whilst ignoring objectives in my team.

  • 57. Should snipers be nerfed in MW3?

    mayb qs lobby modes or somthing should b added, idk

  • 58. Should snipers be nerfed in MW3?

    anyone els hear music in here?

  • 59. Re: Should snipers be nerfed in MW3?

    i dont get  why people  complain about sniping. its bacially a long ranged shotgun. even though camp sniping is more realistic. quick scoping to me is basically gun abuse.  Snipers are powerful and meant to be used mid to long range. Kinda weird when someones runs in my face with a sniper and kills me with one shot. Thats what shotguns are for. None the less snipers have advantages  and disadvantages like smgs, lmgs, and shotguns do.   So really if anything should be nerfed its the assult rifiles which has all strength and hardly any weaknesses

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