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Custom Gun Camos

I know this is a bit late to discuss with everything coming out in just over a month anyways, but I wanted to give my thoughts and ideas for new gun camos. In the previous CoD games many people wanted to play and get their Gold or Fall Camos, because they looked cool and because it took them a while to uinlock and get. I had the idea that they could make a custom camo system. Not in the sense that you creat your own, but that you set your own color preferences for them. For example, you keep all the current camos that are out at the moment, but in addition you add an option to change the color in each segment to whatever you want. For instance lets take the Red Tiger camos as an example, by default it is Red and black in color, but with what I am suggesting you can choose to change the Red color of the pattern as well as the Black color of the pattern and make your own custom colored gun. I think it will add a lot more variety to guns and give players a lot more originality to their guns rather then everyone running to get the last unlocked Gold camo or equivalent. I was a bit disappointed when I saw some footage from the CODXP event and noticed all the same camos from MW2 are back and no new ones were listed. I did hear Gold Guns are returning but until you unlock it its all the same thing as before.


What do you think about this? Do you prefer the current setup or would you like something like this instead?