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Many thoughts about MW3! Developer please read! :)



I have some thoughts I’d like to share with you about MW3.


I’m a german Xbox360-gamer. First of all I like how you promise to balance the gameplay with weapons, killstreaks and perks. I also like the strike-packages-system. But you say, it’s focused on gun-by-gun-gameplay again.The killstreaks seem too strong to hold this sentence. But I’ll try to structure my many thoughts about MW3 now.


1. Strike Packages


As I said, I like the idea of three packages to please all kinds of players: The Assault Package is for the lone wolfs that just want to make kills. The Support Package is for guys who like to share and play in teams. The Specialist Package is nice for S&D and FFA. But is it really balanced? It’s okay that kills with Assault Streaks count toward the next Streak-Reward. It’s okay that Support-Streaks count beyond deaths. I think Supporters are rewarded better and this is good. Do we level up better with the Support Package? I fear (as somebody in this forum mentioned before) there will be a UAV permanently because of the UAV-Reward in the Support Package.




I’d like tosee MANY different playlists in the list. In MW2 there are many random-playlists I think. Why is there Barebones Pro only with FFA and TDM in ONE playlist? I’d like to have a good overview like in Black Ops. Categories like “Core”, “Hardcore”, “Barebones”, “Objectives” and so on are cool. Under these categories there could be all kinds of “normal” Playlists with specified changes, for example in Barebones -> TDM, FFA, S&D and so on. I’m exited about the voted custom playlists created by us. I would also like to see a Playlist online where we can play with MORE health or less bullet damage. I like how Black Ops is balanced in this case. Bring a new playlist that is the opposite of Hardcore! I think this would please many players.


3. Private Matches


I liked how Black Ops gave us more possibilities to customize our Private Matches with settings about Killstreaks, Perks, classes and so on. I think you will progress and build much more on it as you promised. The modes you mentioned (Infected, Juggernaut,Wager Matches) are awesome. I hope we can build something like sharpshooter or gun game, too! What I’d like to see in this case is: Build in an option to maket he big maps smaller (like the Wager Matches do in Black Ops)! I often playwith only 1-3 friends in Private Match. With only one enemy big maps are not playable for us because we do not meet very often. So we are forced to play only on Nuketown, Summit, Rust, Scrapyard and so on. Please build in borders in big maps for this problem! I also would like to see even more settings for perks and killstreaks than in Black Ops.


4. Weapon Balancing


This is an important point. I think you’ve done your job well in this case when I watch weapon explanations on Youtube. But I would like to see SMGs only for close range, shotguns without “sniper-range”  and I really hope the proficiencies are balanced. Weapon-leveling: I liked that we had all Attachments on weapons and all perks from level 1. The COD-ingame-money wasn’t that good, but it made me decide from the beginning what I like to play with. I do not want to make 10 kills with my first weapon just to get an attachment. I liked it in Black Ops much more than in MW2. Also give us better chances to earn camos. Do not let us level too much just to get our favorite camo. And let us customize the weapons with our Emblem like in Black Ops!


5. Perks


I like thePerks and also the separations of them in their Tiers. No Commando, no Stopping Power, no Second Chance. Nice! The Deathstreaks are not really needed I think by the way. But I think Assassin will be overused because the UAV will be always in the sky. You could take the UAV out of the Support Package to fix this. I don’t know what I should think about Overkill. It sounds overpowered itself. But I think it is okay because it is in the right Tier. Please do not let us get the Perk on to late levels. We level until 80 to prestige, but I wonder if I prestige anymore. Level 80 is very high and if the motivation of prestige is not that great, I won’t prestige. Please give us more than five class slots at the beginning!


6. Spec Ops and LAN-settings


I’m so exited about the Spec Ops. Both missions and Survival Modus will be awesome! But PLEASE support the system-link-settings! I love to play with my friends the whole night online, but I love even more to do this with system-link. PLEASE build in the same pool of settings for private matches in System-Link-Mode too! We love to play private matches offline. And let us customize our classes, playlists, weapons, killstreaks and perks in System-Link, too like in BlackOps. Let us NOT level in Privat Matches like in MW2. And let us NOT take our online-level for Online-Privat-Matches. Do it like in Black Ops! Build in split-screen not only online, but also for Privat-Matches online AND offline,even with System-Link! Let us play all modes of Online-Multiplayer and Spec Ops/ Survival Modes in System-Link with all settings! Let us level up in Survival Mode separately OR parallel offline in System-Link and Split-Screen! Thank you!


7. Map-Voting


TheVoting-System in Black Ops is great! Please bring it into MW3-Multiplayer, unlike in MW2.


8. Elite /Elite-Premium / DLCs


I like the idea behind Call of Duty Elite. Please make sure that we can use all content of Elite inclusive Premium-Stuff in Germany even with the UK-Version. Black Ops had some problems with DLCs because in Germany the Zombie-Mode is cut. MW2 did not have such problems because you did not use any gore-effects or nazi-symbols. I would like to buy the UK-Hardened Edition and use all content of Elite and MW3 without problems of getting stuff! Important: New weapons are nice, but only if EVERYBODY gets it. Do not split the community in two parts by giving premium-members better equipment. And keep the balancing even with new weapons!




Quick Scopeis okay, tubes are okay as long as we have Blast Shield. Let Scavenger NOT resupply tubes or launcher-ammo. Keep the map-designs balanced. We do not want to get spawn-killed like sometimes in MW2. Recoil like in Black Ops would be nicely, MW2 was too easy in this case.

I think this is enough for now. I’m sure some more thoughts will follow. Thank you for reading!