• Need help with 'Ghosts' and 'CE Digital' camos.

    Ok, basically I should have redeemed these two camos in game, but I haven't, please read on:   Ghosts: When I pre-ordered the game, I honestly didnt realise that there was a bonus camo for Black Ops 2, so theref...
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  • Better banning needed?

    Just asking if people think better banning systems are needed. In this instance I'm referring to emblem bans. Im sick of the countless nude/racial/offensive emblems on the game, I find them in nearly every game im in ...
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  • Is grip Useless ?

    Is grip useless ? or it is good for some weapons , if so , tell me the weapons . I used it on some smg's like MSMC and PDW and no difference , so is grip useless ? It should be boosted . I believe quickdraw and stock ...
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  • Why was I banned?

    I have been banned and I don't know why? I didn't boost my level because I don't prestige(I was at Prestige 2, Level 55). I wasn't boosting, I was mainly playing TDM & FFA. I'm not a glitcher, and I don't cheat. C...
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  • i was banned perm

    i was banned on black ops 2 today and i am lvl 40 1st prestige and i have never hack or cheated i don't know what happened i was playing some s&d then left then came back and it said i was perm banned i really wan...
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  • Aim Assists Snipers and Tactical Insertion Problem

    The biggest problem in COD BO2 is still unresolved , Snipers and tactical insertion all over the map , it is amazing to see a full team of them . Although they have bad scores , they ruin the gameplay , they don't pla...
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  • Quickscoping needs to be removed

    At the start of black ops 2 it was somewhat tolerable. But now nearly everything single game I play from free for all to search and destroy matches are filled with them. The reason I say is because its gotten out of h...
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  • Xbox Community Update [5/15/14]

    Hello 360 community,   We are listening to you and we’ve been busy working on updates based on feedback from the community.   Stay tuned right here for all the latest info and be sure to follow @Trey...
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  • Why I feel Blops 2 is better then Ghost

    1. Connection. At least for me my connection on Black Ops 2 has always been great. On Ghost so far it has been abysmal with no best connection option or ping bars to help the matter.   2. Anti camping game desig...
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  • Hackers

    I am Brazilian Portuguese post on   Venho por meio desta mensagem comunicar que hoje as 9 horas e 30 minutos estava jogando Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 quando um player chamado [Removed by Moderator] hackeou a sala...
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  • Emblem editing... Online?

    Just curious if there is a way to edit my Black Ops 2 (XBOX 360) emblem on a computer? Seems like it would make the editing itself much easier.
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  • Total noob, where do I start?

    I dream of becoming a pro gamer. If not for a serious job, maybe just a hobby! I have been playing COD games since the summer of 2010 and don't find myself as experienced as I should be with over three years of practi...
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  • My whole X BOX system is hypo-reacting!

    I bought the new TV (LG) and plugged the x box connector (at the matching color and they are video, lmono and audio. However, when I started to play black ops 2 with the TV, these things happened; 1. it shoots like 0....
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  • How Many Players Online?

    Can anybody who has either BO2 or Ghosts tell me how many players are online on an average night? I'm thinking about buying one of the two back but I'm wondering how many people are playing each game. Thanks!
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    [REMOVED BY MODERATOR] is hacking other people`s COD BLACK OPS II
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  • RIP Black Ops 2, it's officially over :(

    It's done, over, finito, all she wrote. Whilst playing a game of Search and Destroy in the Core playlist, I entered a game where 2 players literally could not be hurt. I thought at first it was my accuracy, until one ...
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  • Writing in the robots head?

    so im doing the easter egg in solo play and i'd just upgraded the staffs and moved onto step 2, as i was waiting to get into Odin one of the zombies dropped a zombie blood so i picked it up and proceeded into its head...
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  • Peacekeeper Buyable Seprately?

    So I got some money to spend for my birthday on Black Ops 2 DLC and my friend recommended Vengeance map pack so I'm getting that and I also want the peacekeeper but not the map pack it comes in. So is there a store th...
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  • Can't stream

    Why does it say "an error occurred while trying to livestream? I have waited like an hour and it still says the same thing!  
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    This team is insane. They have only made their RC and intro on their channel but please head over and subscribe - www.youtube.com/user/awarenessclan
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