• Ghamorra's book of tactics: Inside the mind of a camper (Part I)

    Having problems with campers? Of course you are because campers are everywhere right?  They're ruining the game because Call of Duty is suppose to be fast paced and out of control.   Well this is reason why...
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  • Inside the mind of a Rusher (part 1)

    Now I don't pretend to be the worlds foremost expert on rushing.  However, I do rush from time to time.  So these are my thoughts on why rushers do what they do.  Before I get started I'll tip my hat to...
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  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare for Wii U?

    Hey guys, it has been awhile huh? Haven't been on the forums alot- what with school and all. Anyway, did anyone see the new CoD trailer yet? The game is called Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Check it out- http://www...
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  • Do Something Special For Our Devs

    22 votes
    A_Trey_U (and others if true) has been doing so much for us for years. I think we should do something for them later this year... What do you guys think?
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  • Wii U BO2 hack not possible? Watch the video!

    So I swear this has happened to me a few times but I figured I must have been distracted by game play and didn't see what I thought I saw.   First, on Friday night in Drone I thought a player with a green name t...
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  • Put Riley On A Leash

    29 votes
    There are leash laws in real life, war should be no exception.  But seriously, when you die and spawn on the other side of the map from Riley, you can rack up many kills just from him trekking back to you.  ...
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  • What do you think they got right?

    I'm gonna go ahead and say whomever is responsible for removing the tac insert deserves a raise and a paid-vacation. A few months back i got into a game on standoff that was destroyed with a tac/wall glitch, then aga...
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  • DLC finally!

    thank you atreyu...thx activision...i good first step to get more sales on nintendo.
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  • R.I.P CoD on Wii

    I don't know why, because I hate it, but Nintendo will close all the Wii's Wifi related stuff. So no more CoD online on the Wii
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  • Favorite Assault Rifle

    Base Guns - No Attachments
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  • What is your favorite marksman rifle

    I thought I would do a bit of a poll topic and ask players what their favorite marksman rifle is.  Also what attachments or perks do you like with it? 
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  • Implement: When your reload depletes your reserve ammo to 0, have your character notify you with something "last mag!".

    The main reason I suggest this is for hardcore where we don't have the hud.
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  • Small Change to Blitz

    I've really started to like blitz as I was a huge fan of CTF and since that is gone... this is the only close thing to it, but I do think is needs a small change to play better in my opinion. I understand blitz is mad...
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  • What is the worst weapon in Ghosts Poll:

    I have posted a couple of threads asking players what their favorite weapon or weapon catagory is.  So, I thought I would post the opposite and collect some feedback from the community.  So, what gun do you ...
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  • Makarov Pack to be the next Micro DLC?

    IW tweeted this out today. It certainly appears that a Makarov Pack is in our future.... The silhouette appears to be Makarov from the "No Russian" mission in MW2.   Thoughts?   Infinity Ward @InfinityWard ...
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  • What is your KD? (Truthfully)

    Personally I think that anyone under a 1.1 overall KD is a joke, for lack of a better term, because it is pretty easy to get 14 kills and 13 deaths in a game. I have a 2.34 with almost 4 days of play time so I am prou...
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  • QuickScoping being nerfed...your opinion?

    So now  Infinity Ward supposedly remove quickscoping (I don't think they removed it, just made it harder to do). What do you think?   About time, this was one of the most broken mechanics in the game. Scope...
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  • POLL: Which controller do you use?

    For COD...just curious...
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  • What Do You Hate Getting Killed By Most?

    As frustrating as they might be, Campers will not be on this list. However, what they use might be.   Why are campers not on this list? Because that category is too vague. They could have/be using many things al...
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