• Just me or do girl players get abused a lot...

    I'm sick of getting a fair bit of abuse just because I am a girl player. Does this happen to any girl? I don't think some people can stand the fact that sometimes they do get beaten by a girl
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  • C4 needs to be changed somehow.

    As it stands right now, there is no real reason to use semtex or frags over C4.   The game is absolutly saturated with people using this equipment. It's gotten so bad that I almost need to run flack jacket on a...
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  • flak jacket is op

    flak jacket makes the following explosives require 2x c4 2x claymore 2x frag grenade 2x crossbow 2x (even if the target is hit with one he/she will not die) rpg 2x smaw 2x bouncing betty 2x rcxd 2x(if somehow ...
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  • What is up with these "trappers" lately?

    Not sure why but the last month or so I've had a rash of players trapping me into cover and corners. I use the term trap because I can't think of anything else to describe what's happening. I'll be against a wall with...
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  • Does the grip really help ?

    I cant see any difference between grip and no grip on SMG's , does it help at all ?
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  • The real reason to why quickscopers are annoying.

    This thread will explain a very valid point and has nothing to do with quickscoping whatsoever, I could not care less about how annoying or OP it can be because that is NOT the problem. Allow me to elaborate, it is a ...
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  • Looking for MP players who play hardcore

    I find it kind of sad and disappointing that when I play multiplayer with people, they NEVER want to play hardcore. I love hardcore. It's my favorite game mode but often, I play alone because not many people are fans ...
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  • Triple Kill with RPG

    I've got the FHJ-18 AA and the SHAW gold and i have now unlocked every camo for the RPG except for skulls, the triple kill. I've been at it for hours now and it seems impossible. Does anyone have any suggestions/tacti...
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  • i need help with diamond shotties :P

    hey , i just wanted to know if anyone has got any tips for a gold m1216 all i need is the challenges on the tac-45 and the m1216 then i would have every thing in black ops  2 diamond , i appreciate any tips so th...
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