• Snipers

           Why are Devs trying to end quickscoping? I know alot of people complain about it (usually nerds using ak-12). But when someone hard scopes they then complain saying you're "bad" or...
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  • Amplify

    this perk is absolutley terrible and needs removing or changing.   dead silence is useless and the whole game is ruined because everyone is useing it.   you cant cap a flag in domination because they hear ...
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  • Sound perks

    How do you feel about sound perks? Should things stay the same? Should DS and Amplify cancel each other out so players meet perkless?
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  • Ghosts Xbox 360 Updates (4/8/14)

    We appreciate your feedback, so please continue sending it. We're working hard over here to get fixes and updates out to you as soon as we can! Be sure to follow @InfinityWard for future updates!   Apr. 8, 2014 &...
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  • Upcoming Improvements to Call of Duty: Ghosts

    FOV Changer for PC: Don't have an exact ETA, but we're working to get this in.   Back in December, we posted a long list of improvements we were working on for Call of Duty: Ghosts (see below). We're pleased ...
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  • Nerf the M27 IAR

    There have been some idiots saying that the ARs in this game are overpowered and even saying the M27 isn't. Well here I will refute this argument. The so called best AR vs the M27. Here I will prove the M27 is better ...
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  • Anyone getting annoyed with DLC's lack of value

    I've been playing Extinction and the current gamemode is actually quite short once you figure out what you're doing. It's obvious that they're planning on adding more modes because of the two list you have to go throu...
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  • No Dedicated Servers in 3rd Largest City in the United States

    I Live in Chicago Illinois, the 3rd largest population in the country and we don't have dedicated servers. None of us. I have 12 friends that live in the city and not a single one have been placed in the dedicated ser...
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  • How is this allowed? Sniping is a joke.

    I honestly had high hopes for this game when there was an interview stating that "Quickscoping isn't in the game, we don't want it" yet here I am, getting into lobbies with nothing but parties of snipers that are once...
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  • Stuff to be nerfed/buffed

    First off, this isn't a qq'ing thread  talking about how every gun in this game is over-powered, Instead, I'm going to be listing off weapons/perks/pointstreaks that need either a buff or a nerf from a realistic ...
    A Pig that flys
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  • Call of Duty®: Assault Rifle Edition

             No, this is not a prediction about the next Call of Duty; this is about what Call of Duty Ghosts should have been named. Ghosts at this point is all about assault rifle...
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  • The Panic Knife (We're gunna need a montage)!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1IB8Wp8MBk   I absolutely HATE getting panic knifed in this game. I did not have much problem at all with it in MW3 or Black Ops 2 -- sure, it happened occasionally, but no where...
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  • Who is the greatest band or singer of all time?

    Figured this is a better discussion then debating which "weirdo" is top of pop.  Will be interesting to see which of the "greatest" overlap from across the water.  Plus I am very curious what music the OT fo...
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  • Input on possible solutions to quickscoping

    This is a thread on how to fix quickscoping, not if/if not quickscoping is OP/easy/dumb/good.    Here is my possible solution.:   1. Keep the ADS time the same as current. 2. Keep the ADS animation ...
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  • Nerf AR's

    I think you should nerf AR's so they would be more equal with SMG's so with eSports rules you could use Stalker. ATM they're pretty damn overpowered at long range versus SMG's. Like in BO2 at medium range, M8 and MSMC...
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  • Movies to see before you die..

    What movies do you consider as "must see" before you die? These would be a few of my recomendations.   The Godfather. Goodfellas Casino Things to do in Denver when you're dead Alien Shindlers List The usu...
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  • Silencers on sniper rifles are bad.

    When the game first came out, I was using silencers on the USR, Lynx, etc. They were amazing.You could drag scope and most likely get a kill if u hit the upper body. Then a few months ago, there must have been patch i...
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  • Things players do that grind ur gears

    1. Players who hide and point down their sights at tags in KC, waiting for a cheap kill  2. Players who sit in corners with IEDs and motion sensors in front of them waiting for someone to pass by for a cheap kil...
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  • Favorite old tv shows

    What are your favorite old tv shows, i used to love these back in the day   ..
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  • IW can you please not make K/D's public!

    Have you ever had a really bad game and then you see the little line graph of your K/D and then get trash talked in the next game? That is why I don't want K/D's to be public!
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