• [[Xbox One]] D12 - Dirty_Dozen Clan Recruiting for Diamond Division

    D12 - Dirty_Dozen Clan of friends looking for members who like to play in full groups in all game types.  We won the first Diamond Clan war and plan to keep dominating Clan Wars, so join now before the next o...
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  • Looking for a Clan to merge with

    Hey guys!, we are a new clan and looking for members and a clan to merge with. We have a design website, VBulletin 5 and host paid till Aug 2014. So that means no fees to pay. My clans name is PuRe EvO, if we decide t...
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  • [XBox One] Looking for Clan

    - K/D 1.3 but should be around 1.5 - 25 - Active - Team Player - Looking for clan   Hit me up if interested   GT: J DANKMAN
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  • Looking for a Clan!!

    I'm 32 year old male, looking for a clan i can play with and help WIN! Looking for a clan that Kill/Death isnt a issue bc i like to mess around in the PUBS and level. but when it comes to clan matches and everything ...
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  • Looking for Xbox One Clan

    My names Elmir. Looking for a competitive Xbox one clan. KDR: 1.33, 1.7 in FFA Looking to play clan wars. I am really competitive and looking for a solid clan to join. My gamer tag is- AncienT Dr3aMz
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  • The Official "Die Too Fast" Thread

    The title says it all... you die way too fast in this game!   In multiplayer, don't you feel like you're dying too fast? It literally feels like "Hardcore" all the time even in "Core"! As soon as I get shot at t...
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  • [RUMOR] Xbox One version of Call of Duty: Ghosts runs at 720p, versus PS4′s 1080p

    As is the case with the start of every new generation, the upcoming eight generation has been met with the resurgence of the “console wars”, with gamers filling online forums with bickering over which hard...
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  • Looking for Xbox clan

    Im looking for a Xbox clan 18 and older preferred no little kids must be mature but laid back and chill I
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    Me and a buddy of mine are looking for a clan that has a fair number of members.  We mainly play hardcore but would like to help when it comes to clan wars as well (when we can).  We're mostly recreational p...
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  • Have you seen the new forum badges?

    Pretty cool.
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  • Any 360 clans moving to x1 needing seasoned vet w/ abundance of time?

    I have been playing online since launch of original Xbox. Mostly shooters and every cod game. K/d is .89 with maybe ten games played. Lifetime of gaming k/d avg. is 1.25;or better. Mic is down, due to turtles breaking...
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  • Hello fellow CoD players, I am in search for a Clan on ghosts(xbox 360)

    I am 14 years old and Level 18(Ghosts) with a 1.27 Kdr and 0.73 Win ratio. I would like to get into a clan of semi-competitive people. I don't have a mic but I will participate in clan wars.
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