• this gif's for you

    so i enjoy searching and looking at gifs (i blame falcon for showing me how). you guys have posted some really funny ones and one horrible one (hanz i got my on you) so lets see what you got.
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  • Teh OT FaiL Theory?

    OT   does- teh OT FAil or just FaIL? I mean who does it betteR>? Who FaiLS better than me?  
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  • Ban The Forum Member Above You.. V.2

    This is part 2 of a thread from a previous CoDHQ.. It's a simple game.. Ban them for something.
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  • Full of Win

    A logical progression from Ego's Fail Thread..  
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  • Random thoughts thread

    We all have them, so whats on your mind....     Was watching a re-run of NCIS and this just popped in.....
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  • Probation?

    I keep getting put on probation and it's not my fault I always get disconnected from the server. and every time that happens I get put on probation for somethings thats not my fault. How can I fix this? Please a girl ...
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  • Helpful Tip of the Week: Forum Guide - Ghosts Edition

    Welcome to the second Activision Rewards Helpful Tip of the Week! This week features a comprehensive Forum Guide from well-known forum member, TL_Bare_B_V2! Haven't met TL_Bare_B_V2 yet? Read his Support Spotlight...
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  • We need Spawns feedback!

    UPDATE: February 10th, 2014   Thanks for all the feedback so far!   We have a different spawn setting in the Core TDM playlist (across platforms). If you have time to check it out, please do, and let us kn...
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  • Call of Duty: Dictionary Ops

    This thread is meant to help out people new to the game and the forums. Gaming, in itself, has a language completely separate and different from our daily, common languages – regardless of our native tongues and...
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  • *****official monumental points thread*****

    I took the tip of JeepChick to my heart so here it is.   To post when you achieve a monumental points point.   The benchmark will be 100 points.   When getting a badge or something you don't need to ...
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  • Multiplayer Vs Extinction Vs Campaign Vs Squads

    Number these as your favourites from 1-4! There are no ties!   1: Extinction 2: Multiplayer 3: Campaign 4: Squads
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  • Problem w/ Probation

    Yeah, so, I have been having this problem for about a week or so now. I will be playing in a match, and I will get disconnected from Xbox Live or the connection to the host will be lost, and when I try to join in a ne...
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  • Thou Shalt Ban The Person Above Thee... V.3

    Banning is a staple of CoDHQ. So stay frosty... and ban the person above you for whatever reason we have already deemed is necessary.   1st...   I hereby ban whoever comes in next, and curse them with the...
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  • Can not play multiplayer

    After being gone for a month, I came back to an update for black ops2 on my ps3. Was not surprised nor complaining. Once the update was done I went to play on multiplayer. I started off with core team death match to f...
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    Hello   ı am playıng on my ps3 bo2 zombie multiplayer . İ opened nat typ and opened the ports. but all of them ı cant play onlıne always the same problem- server status....check the websıte.... . ım playıng ın t...
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  • Just how off-topic can we go?

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  • Reverse Idea: What if MW never happened, but Ghost did?

    Every once in a while people on the forums comment on saying that the MW series was the best of the CODs, but what if they never were made? Many say that the first Modern Warfare was the best COD ever, but what if it ...
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  • Online MP issues BO / BO2 only

    Please help!  In the last 24 hours I've not been able to join a lobby by myself, and it's only on Black Ops and BO2 on my PS3.  If I do get lucky and join its beyond rare, but I'm only on 1 bar max every tim...
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  • help my plz

    hey can some one help me I cant join a game it just loads for every I was so happy it was week end but it did not work plz help
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  • WHY CoD Black Ops II BANNED ME?

    Hi, I bought this game just yesterday... today morning I started the game and it says: THIS ACCOUNT WAS PERNAMENTLY BANNED FROM PLAYING ON CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS SERVERS. Now here is the question: What the f**k... I m...
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