• Whats it mean (to you) to be Good at Ghost.

    COD,   Many who come here are not shy to speak about their "issues" or "complaints" about the game without mentioning themselves in the after math. So it leaves allot to the readers imagination, that perhaps th...
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  • We need Spawns feedback!

    UPDATE: February 10th, 2014   Thanks for all the feedback so far!   We have a different spawn setting in the Core TDM playlist (across platforms). If you have time to check it out, please do, and let us kn...
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  • Snipers

           Why are Devs trying to end quickscoping? I know alot of people complain about it (usually nerds using ak-12). But when someone hard scopes they then complain saying you're "bad" or...
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  • SMG buff. . . I'm done.

    Before I start, no, this isn't a thread about me whining because I keep getting beat, this isn't a thread of me whining because they are not catering to my personal needs.   When I heard about the upcoming SMG b...
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  • Hardcore players don't matter. And thermobaric grenades need a fix.

    I am a hardcore player, I am a paying customer, I am sick of taking a back seat to core players, and I'm not the only one.   Hardcore players are a big part of this community, yet we always come last. Here are a...
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  • "Blunt" Personalization Pack... has no place in COD

    72 votes
    I'm sorry... I know the 420 crowd will disagree... but this is honestly a new low for this franchise.   Glorifying drug use has no place in this game.   I have two young boys (11 and 15)... they get enough...
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  • 5 legit reasons why CoD ghosts is the worst CoD

    1) the spawns on kill confirmed are f*ckin terrible. I got spawn trapped playing kill confirmed on Tremor. I swear, IW make the spawns worse every year.     2) The maps suck!   chasm, whiteout, st...
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  • Amplify

    this perk is absolutley terrible and needs removing or changing.   dead silence is useless and the whole game is ruined because everyone is useing it.   you cant cap a flag in domination because they hear ...
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  • from battlefield to c.o.d.

    so I have had ghosts since the release of x1. I have been playing battlefield 4 for 7 months. I have 700+ hrs in it. I have recently started to play ghosts and its refreshing. battlefield is broken, from hit detection...
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  • Found a new extinction mode called chaos mode :)

    I am playing it right now if you go online it will tell you you have to get the compatibility pack and it lets me lay so awesome thanks infinity ward for this free gift
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  • COD and External ballistics

    COD,   After playing a few games of BF4 where it has incorporated a program to change a bullets trajectory from point A to B (relative to distance, aiming and angle).   Leads to my question:   - Woul...
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  • Create a Mercenary playlist

    10 votes
    Allow parties but don't always put them on the same team. Have a variety of modes beyond TDM and Moshpit. Make it an actual playlist. Does not count for clan wars.
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  • Help? I'm getting a callus on my finger from Xbox controller.

    Has this ever happened to anyone else? My middle finger (where it rubs and pushes on the back of the controller) is getting a large bump (callus) on it. I'm assuming it's from me holding it too tightly or something. I...
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  • All or nothing DLC policy (inspired by Rankismet and NoLifeKing32)

    26 votes
    The segregation of the community after DLC launches is an issue, especially over the next couple of years with the Xbone and PS4. I don't think you can have a DLC topic without bring up price. After all, money is a hu...
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  • DLC suggestions

    6 votes
    I am enjoying what Ghosts has to offer for DLC like Camos, Voice Packs, and Characters. I think it will be cool if there can be a My Little Pony Camo, this will just be plain fun to see your gun that is from the show ...
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  • Reward Handicaps

    20 votes
    Extinction has relics that reward you for handicapping yourself.  Why not have the same principle in multiplayer.  Rewards that increased XP or are tied to gear, backgrounds, or badges for people who are wil...
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  • Federation Day Bug, I Need Help!

    Okay, so I have an xbox360, my younger brother has one and my dad has one. Ghosts is fine with mine and my younger brother's xbox. My dad's on the other hand glitched out a few months ago where it would always freeze ...
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  • To: Commandante, Gen. Claire, Brig Gen. BlackIce, Col. TopFighter...

      To the folks that I've grown to consider my friends and extended family over the past... What?... 6-7 years??? We have spent many years, months, days, hours on the various (and THE ONLY ACTUAL, well besides IW...
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  • Downloadable Voice Suggestion

    I'd like to suggest that you bring Keifer Sutherland back to do a voice over. Especially if he does his Monster vs Aliens character. I'd buy that one.
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    About 2 months ago I got deranked. I put up a forum immediately and got a quick response. He told me they were forwarding up my request. I waited a month. Nothing happened. So I told him it wasn't fixed. He said he wa...
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