So recently my friend reached the knife rank. I've been a skull forever. But what bothers me is his kd is lower than mine and i am higher in all stats and round records. Can someone please explain…
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This in no way reflect on legit players but the two highest ranks have something in common.They feel so much better then a skull, yet night after night it isn't me who quits. First one to go is the…
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Black Ops 2 map packs are long over, so I am to the point of looking back to all maps that have come before. Here's my rankings, ranking every single map. Feel free to rank yours as well and state…
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Just look what happened: I died during countdown to start a game after host migration.
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Is anyone else having the problem where their staff parts randomly go missing? -.-
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All EE's (XBOX 360)   Anyone Willing to Help on Any Easter Egg Any Age with Mic, or Other Easy Method of Communication, & Time Reply to My Thread   All EE's (XBOX 360)   I check my forum…
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First off, I've looked around quite a bit to find a post regarding, or even mentioning, the following information, but forgive me if someone else beat me to the punch (highly likely).   Anyways, on…
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kills:262818 bullets fired;1522385 downs;1287 revives;1393 grenade kills 17830 headshots 88588 deaths 605 gibs 287335 perks drank 3312 doors 1859 hits 1797886 miles 2410   tranzit high rounds 1…
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I'm considering buying waw , but i have the following questions. Do people actually play online? I mean is it easy to find games? and two is there a reliable way that i can use a ps3 controller? i…
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on higher rounds on zombies it seems to me that monkeys dont attract 100% of the zombies anymore. it gets us killed on high rounds and its very annoying. anyone else have this problem?
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So on my xbox 360 when I play zombies I keep getting an error that says my persistent rank data has been corrupted how do I get this to stop or fix it??
in Black Ops II Technical Support
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