• any tips from master prestigers i want to get really good at cod

    i realize i have been losing alot and not ranking up as fast alot of people recommended some tips for me but to me it seems that they are easier said than done i have been playing cod for about 6 months now bo2 was my...
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  • New Ps3 Trickshotting clan recruiting

    Our name is FainT and we now have 16 members (after kicking 11 members)  including myself. We are look for good trickshotters , feeders, and editors. If you think your good enough then comment in this discussion....
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  • BO2 lobbies

    127K people online. 50K in Core. 9.5K in Domination.   And it cant find me a game to join at all.  Not even one.   Yet, when I hop on to BO 1 with with only 900 players in Core Domination, it find...
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  • Who Has a K/D Higher than 1.00 or 2.00?

    I would like to have a party of people who have a high K/D because I was playing HC Dom last night, and I was going 53-8 with 7 captures&10 defends or 43-5 with 5 captures&8 defends while my team mates were al...
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  • Aim-"Assist"

    Aim-assist is weak and highly abused.  Seriously this is a crutch that should not be allowed in any multi-player game.  Back in my day we had this thing called skill, you got it by playing more, learning new...
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  • Still not a debate - The CORE challenge

      There have been a few threads over the years about HC vs Core and which is easier.  My philosophy is neither is easier/harder: Adjust and Adapt, and use the tools (or the lack of) to play differently to y...
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  • People still boost in this game? And need friends for full party

    Hey,   Im not looking to start a clan or join a clan or anything like that.  I just want to find some good, friendly people I can play with and actually enjoy this game.  I play mostly HC Dom and it se...
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  • All Female Division MizzBehavin Now Launching!!!

    MizzBehavin is now officially launching our all Female division. If you are interested and want to get in prior to the application process, check out the site and register and we'll get with you as soon as possible. Y...
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  • My god, it's full of cheaters

    History.  Got MW2 when it first came out.  After about a year it was overrun by cheaters.  Never got BOPS 1.  Got MW3 when it came out, had serious lag issues.  And over the last year or so it...
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  • What does this mean?

    I've been on this forum for awhile so I feel like I know my share of acronyms and specific words used to describe players, clans, issues, etc.  I was playing DOM the other day on Hijacked and got called two odd t...
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  • Cannot Join Anything

    Hi just got black ops 2 the other day and after playing campaign for a few hours and vsing some bots i was looking to play online   Simply put, i cant join anything, it keeps saying "looking for potential match...
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  • can someone help me with making the best classes

    not included no target finders does are for pussys
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  • Ctf

    anyone else having problems getting into a ctf lobby? just keeps searching for players
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  • Worste way to die?

    Im talking in general, like bad luck, lag or just plain making a stupid decision.   Mine has to be bad luck. For example, I was playing today and there were like 3 campers in the second floor on Strike on MW2. I...
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  • Need a team

    Hello I'm looking for some awesome guys. I'm want a team that listen to me. i'm looking for only 5 players maybe we can start a clan Want to play with me? add me on psn LarSSon__21
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  • joining friends partys?

    has anybody else on black ops 2 on ps3 having any problems joining friends parties?, keeps saying unable to join game session, there party privacy is open as is mine and yet still no joy, thanks in advance
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  • so im running with my silenced fal and tactical finder when I realize...

    wouldn't it be so much more tech to have a dart gun attatchment?  Something maybe under the barrel.  It would deploy precision darts that could either provide recon by planting a microphone, tripwire or ther...
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  • who thinks they should remove the k/d

    i do because thats what some players care about causing teams to lose
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  • Come on Treyarch how about a bonus?

    There is still a tiny community left on blops 2, how about a couple of weeks of 2xp and fresh bonus games? So that we feel wanted
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  • What is the absolute best weapon in Black Ops 2? Give good reasons.

    Seriously, what is, in your opinion, the best gun in Black Ops 2? I'm not going to believe it if you just give some bad reaons that don't mean anything. I haven't expanded my horizons very far, mainly snipers and SMGs...
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