Why cant I upload picture to the forums? the little camera button is faded out and wont let me click on it
I tried asking the Chief Forum Moderator but I did not get a response.   Who do I contact to get permission to make videos for youtube.  Not commercial.  No monetization   Please let me know,…
in Black Ops II PC
Love this game can't find it anymore.  Is it gone, if it is when will they bring it back.  Been playing it for years and now its gone.  I do like the original black ops format better than the Black…
in Black Ops II Xbox 360
At first I though that my answer would be the Hacker from the Moon map in Black Ops 1. However, the ABSOLUTE BEST addition, in my opinion, has to be one of the abilities of The Giant (aka Leroy) in…
in Black Ops II Xbox 360
My name's Effie (Dyvynytii on live); I'm making an all girl clan. The name isn't official, but I was thinking we should go for something cute like "Hello Kitty Clan". It's a democracy though, so if…
in Black Ops II Xbox 360
I was wondering what was the best gun FOR ZOMBIES? I really would like to know. I also know this is an opinion.
in Black Ops II Xbox 360
HI all, I'd like to start this post because i want to hear other bo2 zombies players think and how it can be better.   My first and last suggestion is I "HATE" quitters they messed my games up…
in Black Ops II Xbox 360
What are some old guns or new ones they should add in Black Ops 3???   Me:M-16
in Black Ops II Xbox 360
Im doing a survey and am getting 1000 peoples response so what is your favorite map from any game. Thanks All Maps Nacht Der Untoten Verruckt Shi No Numa Der Riese Kino Der toten Five Dead…
in Black Ops II Zombies
Wondered if anyone else was suffering the same issue as me?   I'm in the UK and was gaming fine last night with friends (till 11pm when things went south (or West!)), also, I haven't had any…