• Buried/Origins easter eggs

    Hi i am wondering if anyone is up for Buried or origins easter eggs they are the only ones i am missing in the entire game i have points in buried bank and i have also a mic MSG me on PS3 if you can help Chiclas_ &nb...
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  • Returning to Tranzit

    The other day I played Tranzit. I have always thought that there is more to the easter egg. I have seen these white balls of light in town and in diner, which might not be a coincidence considering they are the 2 loca...
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  • Can i get Skull with Knife?

    Hi..I am wondering if I can make the Skull with knife with my current stats or if i should do another account My stats are 19,004 kills and 567 downs And I have skull with no eyes and 3 tally marks.   Thanks in...
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  • Need 2 players for Buried Easter Egg (PS3)

    Need 2 Players for Buried Easter Egg (PS3) NOW!!!
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