• [The Truth About Cheaters-banlists] [ Why is it a secret?] [It needs to be posted on steam Or dev something of your own where the account gets perma banned with reasons posted for the offence]

    Ok 1st off, Why with PC plagued with so many sites selling cheats and such e-z access to cheats we (the community of legit players) arent informed who has cheated when treyarch bans someone? Why are we to know nothing...
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  • So now that last DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops II is released can Treyarch improve on PC?

    So now that Activision and Treyarch released the last DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops II can Activison and Treyarch work on developing a patch for the PC version of Call of Duty: Black Ops II that brings Rentable Rank...
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  • hacks.

      I know there were never any support for pc and the "hack" problem that was faced with all CoD titles...it took 3 hours for BO2 hacks to show up...how long do you think it will take for this one? We all know how...
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  • Not many players and still 70% cheaters -

    The PC community is pathetically loaded with cheaters. And with all these sites selling cheats you'll be lucky if you're ever playing against anyone legit in the near future. I Just left a server with at least 5 peopl...
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  • Black Ops 2 Cyberbullying is Prominent and The Worst

    I don't expect to be treated better here, maybe even worse. I'm a battlefield fan and I always will be. This is my story of why.     I've have purchased every Call of Duty since 4. Call of Duty was my favor...
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  • Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Rage quitters.

    I'm with many problems have some fun when playing black ops 2 multiplayer. The reason for this lack of fun is the  great majority of players who simply leaves the game in the middle just because someone is playi...
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  • Yet more reasons for private server :)

    Not been on forum for a while due to work, notice there are still lots of threads concerning cheats hacks etc.   Lets face it there will ALWAYS be cheats and hackers, be it PC or Console...fact of life.   ...
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  • Need to ask ??

    Ok please don't get mad at me but I am looking for a FPS game with female skins and it must be able to handle my screen resolution. After a few years of BF3 and finding out yet again another BF game will not have fema...
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  • vac ban players

    isn't it amazing that the players with prior vac bans are usually the best call of duty black ops 2 players as well...can u imagine that...of course its because they are really just that good...no way they would cheat...
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  • what a crock

    today every match I have been in has been unplayable due to people with outrageous ping.....and the sad thing is they get the compensation and I get no hit markers....was behind 3 players with silencer and emptied 2 a...
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  • Black Ops 2 Aim Assist needs to be added please! and not seeing red dot on reflex sight!

    When I first got this game for the pc I thought it would be easy to play, but it was very difficult for me to play. I had a very hard time aiming and shooting players. Please add aim assist! Right now I want to return...
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  • Anyone else think clans are ruining call of duty ?

    In their quest to get  little digital badges
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  • BO2 is dead while CoD4 thrives

    The other night I was playing CoD4, and realizing how populated it was I decided to do a little rough math to estimate the playercount. With my filters set to exclude only modded and empty servers, there were over 7,5...
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  • Ping is not real?

    Lately playing Black ops 2 multiplayer for PC my ping is higher than usual ... I always had a ping between the "80ms" but now it's up to "120ms" nothing has changed in my PC or the Internet, doing a ping test on inter...
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  • Dedicated Servers

    We need dedicated servers so many people hacking blacks ops 2 hell that y its a dying game. every day I get on the same old bs day after day. hell black ops had Dedicated Servers and we paid for them and will again t...
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  • peoples posts

    I have found posts going back to 2010...all seem to be complaining about matchmaking, lag, and other similar issues that we are all complaining about today...so I guess since the problem with all the games they have p...
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  • plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help meee

    [Removed by Moderator.]
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  • servers

    if I am in America, why am I being put into lobbies from Venezuela Canada Germany Mexico Brazil etc...this is so stupid, their ping is outrageous and the game is unplayable
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  • Who got an issue with lag comp with this game ?

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  • Im so bad help me!

    Hey. I dont play black ops 2 for long im now prestige 2 and lvl 17. I have the feeling that im not getting better i almost tried every weapon except the snipers i cant play with snipers I watched so much tutorials ...
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