• Night time maps - Needed

    I want to see more night time maps in Call of Duty. Night time maps would be great for Search and Destroy, catering towards the more stealthy players or making the map seem like you could be snuck up on and killed. Ha...
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  • Bring back diversity

    In call of duty Ghosts we need the diversity that previous CoDs has offered. Black Ops 2 was a complete run and gun shitfest and I'll be honest, I don't like it. Its not because I can't play Run and Gun, but the fact ...
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  • A discussion on stealth in this game.

    I thought I would share a discussion on the stealth aspect of this game and some conclusions and learnings I have gained from it. I play quite a bit online and I see a lot of players running suppressed weapons and the...
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  • [XBOX 360] AoS (Art of Stealth) is Recruiting.  The Infamous Stealth Clan of Black Ops II.

    Let's make a few things clear. 1) We are a specialty clan. Be willing to change your classes when told to do so for the sake of going undetected. 2) We do NOT play competitively (i.e. Gamebattles, Champion Series L...
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  • Why is the Scar-H so unpopular?

    Until recently my favourite AR was the AN-94 but this has changed. I never really used the Scar-H because of the low fire rate and TTK so I decided to stick with it and get better at handling the Scar-H. I'm glad I di...
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