• Im looking for a Zombie Clan/Players(PS3)

    Looking for a Zombie Clan or just some people that play zombies regularly and know what they are doing. Must: 1. Have a MIC 2. Be Mature 3. Have at-least a skull in rank 4. Be a Team Player Ok about me.. I ...
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  • I need 1 player who can help me with... (PS3)

    the Kung Fu Grip trophy. Everyone one I ask to help me are always doing their own stuff and kill the Panzer Soldat immediately. I only need one player who can help me with this. My PSN is: XDeath--KnightX
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  • Richtofen Easter eggs ps3

    anyone down to help me
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  • How To Deter/Punish Quitters

    The worst thing about Zombies is quitters, especially when they are host. What we need is some sort of punishment/deterrence system.... When you are host it should say "End Game" instead of "Quit Game". A ranking sy...
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  • Okay Treyarch, getting quite sick of dying on the way down to the AN-94 by nothing.

    This is like the 8th time i've died on the way down, by nothing at that. This area is just in general glitchy.   I'm not dying because a zombie hit me first or mid jump, I know this because 4 out of 8 of these a...
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  • looking to start a zombies clan

    im looking to start a zombie clan for people who play lotz of zombies. im tired of going public and either ppl quiting or there complete asss etc. itz nothing too serious just tryout mic required and dont be less then...
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  • ZOMBIES TOYS. Finally...

    So megablocks is releasing tranzit toys: http://blog.megabloks.com/posts/call-of-duty-zombies/       What do you think/
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  • Standoff Glitch

    Greetings,   I wanted to point out some glitch/hack I just came across.  It has been a while since I have viewed the forum so someone may have mentioned this already.  I did a search on Standoff Glitch...
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  • Robot Question?

    How do you know what side the whole in the foot is going to spawn. i'm on solo and i find that i'm always picking the wrong side and i can not make it to the other side in time. also it takes like 10 min. for the same...
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  • high rounds zombies any one ? PS3

    need players that wont rage seems like every time when i get to high round some one quits because it gets harder and hard that doent mean you quit and mess up the game for every one else need some good players that ca...
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  • Bo2 causes ps3 to freeze and shut off when play cellblock

    I just installed apocalypse dlc.  Origins works fine, but when I try to play cell block (grief) online when the match starts the music starts playing, I see a black screen, then the music cuts out, the screen sta...
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  • Zombie players for high rounds/ranking(ps3)

    First off this post is about getting to high rounds(easter eggs too if we want to do them) on various maps, origins, die rise, buried, MOD, etc.   About me info.: - Bandwidth is 3000 KBS, I'm easily capable of ...
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  • going to be helping anyone with origins EE

    I've helped alot of u get die rise, buried n origins done. Both consoles.  Add lightsout-j will run it live, n get u high RD's. Just have a mic.
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  • High Maintenance EE *Mic is a must!* PS3

    My PSN ID: gurt19   NOT GURL19
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  • PS3 origins Easter egg

    Need one or two more people to do this Easter egg, please have mic and know what to do or listen to directions...speed and low rounds are key!     PSn: krispytopher
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  • ultimate wind staff- help!

    Hi guys, Origins has totally got the better of me, in so many ways, but I am determined to beat it. I'm having a bit of a thick moment with the ultimate wind staff. It's just the riddle that I can't get. I've watche...
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  • wanting psn friends im lonely lol

    hiya im looking for some psn friends ive only got one so if theres any one out there who would like to add me its Raging_Monkey_97 thankyou
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  • Origins " Shovels "

    Besides the 2 at the spawn, are there anymore on the map ? I was playing with some random noobs today, and they got all booty hurt because I took a shovel. I did'nt want to say nothing, you could tell he was young. To...
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  • never a real answer from either acti or 3arc

    i have been looking through the forums today and its a joke that when people have problems or anything wrong with this game the reply is move ur console or seek advice from playstation or xbox. not one decent answer o...
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  • WHAT IF??? treyarch & infinity ward teamed up

    WHAT IF THEY BOTH TEAMED UP??   what if they teamed up to design a 2 disc game 1 disc multiplayer 1 disc zombies maybe releasing these games every 2 years?? would this help having two discs? i don't really ...
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