• DLC Personalization Packs not installing?

    I bought a $20 US PSN card a couple of weeks back and redeemed it onto my main account's PS Store (which is also American) and then bought 10 DLC Personalization Packs, each costing $2. After purchasing them I then we...
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  • permanent ban for no reason and with no prior issues or violations

    I am 44 Years old and have apparently been permanently banned from playing Call of Duty: Ghosts... For what I don't know as I have gone through all of your security policies and not committed one violation. I have nev...
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  • rank

    this morning when I awoke, had coffie and went to play ghost my rank was blank, just a drab gray box..whats up
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  • I have been banned for no reason

    Like many, I have a permanent ban for no reason. There is clearly an issue. I would love to get this taken care of asap because I might explode if I don't get to play....  :-)   How can we get this taken ca...
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  • Destiny Beta Code, how to tell which one is for PS4 and PS3

    My friend said he would  give me a code for Destiny Beta for PS3. He bought the pre order for both and received 2 beta codes for PS3 and PS4, how can you tell the difference between the codes?
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  • League Play maps switching

    Hello,   My friends and I still love to play LP. But sincs a couple of weeks we have a problem. Almost every time we enter a lobby and it's full. For some reason the maps start constantly switching. We go from R...
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  • I love ghosts so much. Until that day..

    I love ghosts so much. It's honestly my favorite game.. At least it used to be until I found out that all my stuff got reset as if I just bought the game! Everything was gone! All my gold guns, My positive KD, and my ...
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  • Can anyone tell me why i cant connect to xbox live on ghosts xbox one?

    Can anyone tell me why i cant connect to xbox live on ghosts xbox one? Its telling me to try again later or visit the website about updates but i can find anything.
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  • has anyone else not been able to search for a game it only finds 1 game since monday

    its really laggy to i have decent internet but it all it says when searching for a game is no games found takes 10 mins to find 1 since monday is this cuz of the hot fix for the search destroy
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  • Call Of Duty App Has Kicked Me And Won't Let Me Re-join

    I am ( or was ) the commander of a clan ( UK I PRO ) which i made with friends. After finally getting my AW pack to work it has kicked me from the clan. It still says that i'm the commander but i'm not in the clan. Th...
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  • Looking for a Competitive Clan/Team

    Im looking for a competitive Clan/Team on the xbox one to play with let me know if your intrested in me joining
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  • Looking for clan [ps4]

    Looking for chilled out European /English clan active player psn is TheFirevorm
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  • Problem with DLC content

    I've bought the wolf pack and the classic ghost pack but it won't let me use them apart from the mask on the classic pack all the guns still have the lock sign next to them even though it says on the store I've punche...
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  • I have also been banned for no reason.

    I have also been banned for no reason. The only issue had was my PS3 freezing in the middle of online games. What is going on?
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  • I have been banned, how do I find out why and the duration of the ban?

    ive been banned how can I find out why and for how long?
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  • Stats/Prestige reseted/roll back ( I AM INNOCENT )

    I insert my Ghosts into my PSN and noticed how my rank was lvl 1. I was concerned and went on the HELP/SUPPORT on Ghosts app. I click the Ghosts Tool but it keep saying I need to link my PSN but when It's linked alrea...
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  • [PS4] [xFRx] Fallen Republic Clan Recruting [18+]

    Hi everyone!  We're a newer group of laid back 18+ PS4 COD players that is looking for some new members.  If you're interested in joining a mature clan that's all about fun, please check us out.  We als...
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  • Nerf the CBJ and MK32

    The gun is OP as heck, I managed to get one kill with it at mid range with 4-5 bullets. The gun is too powerful and doesnt deserve AP as an integral attatchment and it should have a major increase in recoil. I hate ge...
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  • Less debris and cluttered maps and improving the camera and collision detection

    Last night I realized how much of an impact clutter can be on maps. Flooded has so many rocks, debris, and randomly spewed crap everywhere that it can make moving around the the map a challenge. You're constantly runn...
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  • TV or Monitor ?

    Hi, I have a PS4 connected to a monitor and I play COD GHOSTS in it . But some people have suggested me to play on a TV for low input lag . Is that correct ? I am a COD gamer . So, where should I play , on a TV or mo...
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