• Orion Gaming! [SPONSORED][Active] 200+ Members!

    Orion Gaming Sponsored by: Cinch Gaming (Professional eSports Tournament Controllers) Studio 21 Sades   OrionGC was founded April 7th, 2014 by the lovely supbroskii. She has worked very hard for OrionGC to becom...
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  • Looking for a good clan

    I Am really active on bo2 I have a 2.52KD But u I might not want me cause I am 14 but it I am a really good player
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  • Brand new recreational Xbox clan needs (Any) start up members

    I'm starting a brand new Xbox clan called TMARG. (Twisted Mediocre And Recreational Gamers) Everyone is welcome. The main focus is to have fun playing games and insulting each other in a friendly way.I am Irish but ha...
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  • looking for laid back clan xbox 360

    I am looking for a laid back clan to join that isn't "hellbent" on k/d ratios but more so on having fun/helping. I play when I can because I have a job and kids. If you must know my ratio average is 0.49, but varies g...
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  • Looking to join a Xbox clan

    II'm 16 I have a mic looking for a clan who is friendly and active. Also I need a clan who understands that I cant be on all the time due to homework/grades. I'm master prestige with a .9 kd. You can hit me up on twit...
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  • [eVa] Xbox Black Ops 2 Clan | Competitive Gaming

    eVa Competitive Gaming Community   We've over 40 active members and 5 teams competiting in different ladders. Join us a small humble community or you could get lost in the crowd and join a big community where no...
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  • Xbox360 looking 4 a squad/clan

    Hello, just a straggler coming from a clan that recently dispersed and is not in existence anymore.  I really hate going into all that **** about stats but if must be it's just under 1, but I'm putting on my try ...
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  • looking for a xbox clan

    hey my name is kieran i relly want to be in a clan because loads of my friends are and im not so plz could u let me know about your clan my gt is GOO GOO GAS
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