• The controller handles so much different than the 360 version, makes it unplayable

    If you played heavily on the 360 before the release of the x box one than may god help you.   The controller handles so much differently that it makes it almost impossible to play. It doesn't matter what sensiti...
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  • Under barrel shotgun on the ARX-160

    This is an idea for players who like the ARX-160 assault rifle.   ARX-160 assault has a tighter than average hip fire spread thanks to the integrated lazar sight, this can then be stacked with the perk steady ai...
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  • Upcoming Improvements to Call of Duty: Ghosts

    FOV Changer for PC: Don't have an exact ETA, but we're working to get this in.   Back in December, we posted a long list of improvements we were working on for Call of Duty: Ghosts (see below). We're pleased ...
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  • Anybody Got a Good Class with the Vepr

    I am mostly an LMG and Marksman rifle player.  But with the recent map pack I realize I need something for smaller maps. With the recent range buff I have been trying out several of the SMGs and this one has a go...
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  • Knife question

         The "panic knife" thread reminded me of this.        Why does it show knife animation sometimes, and other times people just slash without breaking stride?
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  • Anybody got a good attachment loadout for the PDW pistol

    I recently put together a more defensive LMG class using the Ameli.  I don't have the normal speed perks I use with an LMG as this is designed to be a long range defensive build.  So, I need a feasible weapo...
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  • Anybody got a good Ripper Class Yet?

    I got ahold of this weapon yesterday with the rest of the season pass holders. It's a fun little gun but I am having a hard time tailoring a build to it.  Statistically it's inferior to most of it's peers in term...
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  • Can we get some pistol cammos ?

    I really love this game.  But's it's lacking one major thing.  The primary weapons have a very nice selection of cosmetics available for them.  However, the secondary weapons don't have any cammos so I ...
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  • Squads; a way to unlock multiplayer stuff easier, or something that should be added?

    My poll is quite easy: Squads doesn't let you earn points towards weapon camos and operations, which you must earn in multiplayer; but would you consider that it should let players unlock these stuff, part of it, or d...
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  • Going straight to campaign?

    After the update when I start Ghost it automatically goes to the campaign. Is there a way to change this or am I stuck watching the beginning scenes every time I play?   Thanks, Amy
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  • How is everyone liking both of the Mavericks?

    Now that the Onslaught dlc is available for all consoles, I was wondering what everybody's opinion of both the Maverick AR and Maverick sniper rifle is. Also what setup do you use for it (attachments, perks etc)? &nbs...
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  • The Ripper Some Gun Information:

    As a season pass holder I got the ripper just about an hour ago. I did some testing in a local game and I thought I would offer some of the data if anybody is looking for statistics on this gun. Keep in mind that I do...
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  • Why I run the SVU:

    I was playing with a team of random members earlier today and one of them asked what gun I was using.  I was running the SVU marksman rifle and I got called a noob, chump, idiot and a few other intersting things....
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  • should scavenger resupply  equipment

    Since a lot of people who commented think you shouldn't be able to resupply like in bo2, how about while wearing scavenger anybody who is using the same equipment as you can resupply your equipment   if john was...
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  • Should Riot Shield be banned in S&D and S&R?

    Basically it's broken in these game modes. Don't argue it's fact, you get your two C4's back every round you can plant/defuse with invulnerability. Additionally it discourages careful play which is what the entire gam...
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  • So what is your favorite secondary weapon poll.

    I thought I would start a thread to ask what player's favorite secondary weapon is.  Do you like a particular pistol or launcher.  Do you run overkill and take a second primary, or just leave the slot free f...
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  • What is your favorite marksman rifle

    I thought I would do a bit of a poll topic and ask players what their favorite marksman rifle is.  Also what attachments or perks do you like with it? 
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  • Maverick... my initial thoughts

    As an AR... it's pretty solid.   ROF somewhere between the Remington and the SA805. Love the sound. Decent iron sights. Very nice with armor rounds as it doesn't have huge kick.   It almost looks like the ...
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  • How do you take out choppers?

    Helicopters seem (to me) a bit difficult to take down. Am I alone here?. I have found the best way to deal with them is just to avoid them with Blind Eye. Shooting them down takes a while, even with LMGs, and the only...
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  • Questions about the wii U

    I got back into the COD series for the first time since COD 4 last year with Black ops 2 and I bought it for the wii u at the time.  I transitioned away from the wii u when it didn't get DLC last year.  This...
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