• Why is it that i pay 50 bucks for a season pass and camos come out and then i have to buy those separately. I feel that if i buy a season pass i should be entitled to all DLC.

    Why is it that i pay 50 bucks for a season pass and camos come out and then i have to buy those separately. I feel that if i buy a season pass i should be entitled to all DLC
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  • Game Mode Request: Lobbies with NO LAG COMPENSATION

    Reading over these posts for the last few months I see that most complaints are composed of phrases like: "they are shooting around corners," "lost gun battle to SMG using my rifle/assault," "invisible players kill m...
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  • Season Pass Question

    I bought the season pass for xbox 360 and now that I have the xbox one, I would like to get the DLC on it as well.  Now my question is: If I do the free season pass upgrade to xbox one, will I still be able to do...
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  • Forum t and c?

    After being here since the beginning of  this installment of the forums I just now had to agree to the terms and conditions before it let me back into the forum. This happening to everyone else as well?
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  • 30 k on xbone?

    Did IW recently start giving away copys of ghosts??? Lol either way its nice to see more than 4k online and only finding one lobby or running into that same party of 6 all the time
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  • Got scammed by Activision and Sony

    Ok guys this is very serious because I am sure there are many players out there in the same situation. I purchased the ghosts dlc  the first week it  was available on my PS3. It was clear on activison site a...
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  • Hardcore Mode Console Crashes.

    I have been experiencing constant crashes on Hardcore Domination, I believe this is new cause I have been getting this issue for one week and it only seems to happen on Hardcore game modes. I have tested it on Core a...
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  • Next possible movie field order cameo in DLC 3

    IW has begun a trend with their DLC releases for Ghosts on having one of the new multiplayer maps contain a playable movie character attainable from completing a field order. First it was Michael Myers on Fog from Ons...
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  • Time for More Prestiges?

    I happen to be really enjoying Ghosts, and adding more Prestiges, just like in Infinity Ward's last CoD, would be a really good idea.        Maybe due to the whole "10 Player Squad" system IW'...
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  • I found something really interesting to read.

       So I'm looking at the sales for anything related to video games. Ps4 has sold a little over 2 million more units than the xbox. BUT, last week the xbox outsold the ps4. Not by a lot, but it definitely sol...
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  • uninstall the updates

    the lag is unbearable. whatever you did to the connection in these updates ruined this game.
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  • if having a freeze problem xbox one cod ghost do this

    i kept getting stuck on screen with the guy in the ghost mask. well did alot of research and found out all you have to do is, hold finger on white power buttton on the xbox one till the system and controlled turn off ...
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  • Stuck on Update for 3 Days

    I've been stuck at 100% on the Xbox One update for the last 3 or 4 days a total of 20 hours to trying to download. I have done a reset by holding power button for 8 seconds. I've been on wireless and wired connection ...
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  • Reseting Stats?

    Hello,   Is it possible to reset stats in Call Of Duty Ghosts? Mainly because my stats are poor, but also I believe my account has been hacked into and used.   Regards,   - Penmanz
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  • IW, FIX THE FREEZES ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.. not just me

    I lost track of how many times my game has frozen in the last month (EDIT: The freeze I'm talking about is after a game ends, and before getting into a lobby, ,y game just freezes). It's not just me, as far as I can t...
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  • why is it so hard to report a hacker

    I've been trying to get on the chat a couple times to let activision know of o potential hacker and all I do is sit and wait.
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  • are people using aimbots in most lobbies recently

    hi folks i just want to know if anyone has had the same thing happen, up until a few weeks ago the game seemed like everyone was playing on a even field, but ive noticed the past few weeks in a lot of games it seems l...
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  • Input Lag

    I recently noticed another lag problem - on top of the usual lag issues. In some games when I'm doing particularly badly - can't get any kills - I've noticed that every now and then its because I have noticeable input...
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  • No Dedicated Servers in 3rd Largest City in the United States

    I Live in Chicago Illinois, the 3rd largest population in the country and we don't have dedicated servers. None of us. I have 12 friends that live in the city and not a single one have been placed in the dedicated ser...
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  • Call of duty

    Many Xbox servers have been down all of the double exp weekend, will Infinity Ward or Activision, or the developers be able to extend the double exp for those who haven't been able to get online?
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