• App For Kindle

    Hey guys. I am a kindle owner and Ghosts player. If you could make the Call of Duty app for Amazon App Store, that would be awesome!
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  • How would Christopher Walken do it?

    Hey everyone. Sorry I’ve not kept up on the series here, but I’ve been involved with a massive construction project – 9th wonder of the world stuff.   This morning, though, I decided, doggonit,...
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  • Call of Duty's golden days

    This is a message to Activision, Infinity Ward and Treyarch. Sledgehammer games if you want a successful game you will want to take a look at this as well.   below is a video of someone explaining some key point...
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  • July 2014 Update Bricks Game

    After a mandatory update to CoD Ghosts on the Xbox One, my game no longer launches and I get the message that the update was not installed correctly. Xbox support says it is likely an issue with the update itself, so ...
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  • questions from a n00b

    Just started Playing COD about 6 weeks ago, Started with Black Ops 2 and now i'm hooked on Ghosts.   Yes i play bots because i'm not very good, i just play for a laugh.....   A few questions though:  ...
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  • Multiplayer Screen keeps on flashing and won't start up

    I try to play multiplayer  on ghost today but whenever i try to start up the game the screen acts like its loading and then it goes to a black screen then it goes back to the loading screen and the game won't eve...
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  • Last Dlc Suggestion

    I would like to throw a suggestion to upcoming DLC, How about A new Patch for People That unlocked all achievement? in this game? Wouldn't be cool to show everyone your hard work?
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  • Off Topic Idea - W@W Revamp for xbox one

    I dont know about anyone else but what i personally really miss are the days of W@W when gun fights were amazing because they actually consisted of guns and grenades, having skill and using tactics, not all this run a...
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  • Being placed in US servers after 1 July Update?

    Ever since the update last night, for whatever reason, I keep getting placed in servers full of US players.  Being Australian this makes the lag pretty brutal and borderline unplayable.  I have checked my lo...
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  • Why you think Ghosts is failing compared to other CoD's

    was just wondering peoples opinions about why you think CoD Ghosts is not doing as well as other CoD's.  Me personally i think its the community (i.e campers, snipers) thanks
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  • Season Pass Holders

    Do you guys think that the micro DLC that occasionally drops should be free for season pass holders? What the should do is along with pre-order bonuses they should have a pre-order bonus that comes with both Season Pa...
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  • Headset vs Tv

    Yesterday there was a guy wining about people who use headsets, he sayd they are only better bcoz they use headset and he dont, he suggested there should be different lobbys for headset players bcoz they are OP. I agr...
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  • Do you think the "Season Pass" is worth it?

    What are everyone's thought on purchasing the Season Pass for COD Ghosts?  I am on the fence (kind of leaning towards the purchase) but I would like some feedback.  I have already beat the campaign mode and ...
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  • whats a good connections to have to play a game on line??whats a good connection

    I have Verizon fios,my speeds are 150mbps/75mbps ping 14,is that good for gaming,and I don't lag that much,but some times it keeps throwing me in the same games??.
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  • what is activision phone

    What is Activision phone #
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  • Leaning kills disabled.

    Hello,   I'm trying to get some gold guns, but I need to get some leaning kills for that. But the leaning future is always disabled with me, and I don't like to enable it and then disable it again. Is there anot...
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  • Still plenty of kids quickscoping then?

    Just bought the game after a COD sabatical...   I notice that nothing has been done about quickscoping again, so I assume that the child dollar is still the defining factor...   Is there a Sniper free play...
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  • Hypothetically speaking, if the last map pack brings back a gun from previous Cods, what would you want?

    I would want the UMP if it was a SMG (I read somewhere that the UMP was originally going to be in this game) and for AR I would love for them to bring back the M16 or Scar H.
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  • Game Mode Request: Lobbies with NO LAG COMPENSATION

    Reading over these posts for the last few months I see that most complaints are composed of phrases like: "they are shooting around corners," "lost gun battle to SMG using my rifle/assault," "invisible players kill m...
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  • I took a break..

    So, I took a break from Ghost. By a break I mean I didn't play the game for about 4 months. I played Titanfall, Watch Dogs, Fifa, and Battlefiels. Today I decided to try and play Cod again. The first game was a it rus...
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