• what is activision phone

    What is Activision phone #
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  • Leaning kills disabled.

    Hello,   I'm trying to get some gold guns, but I need to get some leaning kills for that. But the leaning future is always disabled with me, and I don't like to enable it and then disable it again. Is there anot...
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  • Still plenty of kids quickscoping then?

    Just bought the game after a COD sabatical...   I notice that nothing has been done about quickscoping again, so I assume that the child dollar is still the defining factor...   Is there a Sniper free play...
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  • Hypothetically speaking, if the last map pack brings back a gun from previous Cods, what would you want?

    I would want the UMP if it was a SMG (I read somewhere that the UMP was originally going to be in this game) and for AR I would love for them to bring back the M16 or Scar H.
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  • Game Mode Request: Lobbies with NO LAG COMPENSATION

    Reading over these posts for the last few months I see that most complaints are composed of phrases like: "they are shooting around corners," "lost gun battle to SMG using my rifle/assault," "invisible players kill m...
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  • I took a break..

    So, I took a break from Ghost. By a break I mean I didn't play the game for about 4 months. I played Titanfall, Watch Dogs, Fifa, and Battlefiels. Today I decided to try and play Cod again. The first game was a it rus...
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  • Help please

    Hi peeps im thinking of buying the xbox one i all ready got the ps4 does the xbox one suffer massive frame rate drops like the ps4 making it play like crap 6 months in and starting to give up on the ps4 i hardly play...
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  • Option to disable stats from lobby

    51 votes
    now, I'm not asking to remove stats, but I don't like the trashtalk or trolling that comes from having stats so easily being seen. my idea - when someone scrolls your name and then scrolls right to read your stats it ...
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  • Went back and played Black Ops 2

    I woke up this morning, and since I am on a 150 win streak on Ghosts I decided to go play some BOPS2 until my friends get online. I don't see how everyone says it's a better game then Ghosts. In my personal opinion, B...
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  • Lost Player Levels and gained teeth in Extinction

    Played on Extinction today for around 3 hours, levelled up 6 times and gained 8 teeth. I logged off for around 4 hours and went back on to find that the levels and teeth I had gained earlier had vanished and my stats ...
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  • Where are the COD fans ?

    I didn't played Ghost for couple months as I don't like the fact that new maps aren't put on the regular rotation before couple months. I really don't get it! I have other issues with the game but there is no point fo...
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  • Two versions of ghosts

    There should be 2 versions of ghosts and other cods for sale, One is single player disc and other disc for multiplayer and both for half price, bcoz im not intrested of single player at all and i think theres many oth...
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  • My account/stats were reset?

    I just logged on for the first time in almost 3 months and I went to play multiplayer and I went from prestige master to completely reset? I had all the characters unlocked a few gold guns and such and now it's like I...
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  • Opinions on guys with less than a 1kd

    I personally find these guys to be rather uselss during objective games, on tdm they can do ok with camping etc but when it comes to dom etc they do nothing and merely make up the numbers, what are your thoughts? &nbs...
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  • What if CoD Ghosts was a dream?

    14 votes
    A Really bad dream that we wake up from in a future CoD.
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  • DLC Inactivation

    2 votes
    Infinity Ward did a great job of this in Call of Duty MW3 where you could select to include the DLC in the playlist, or if you wanted  to just play the original maps. I really like some of the DLC maps, but somet...
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  • Camper

    This funny video is deleted because of one ###### reported it..
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  • Ended up joining a modded lobby

    I searched for TDM and I noticed the score was 1500 to 0 and I immediately quit. Can you end up being banned for joining a modded lobby by accident and quitting right away.
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  • Why do you shoot first and die, someone sees you before you see them, etc.?

    I normally do not have much trouble on Ghosts in regards to this issue, but tonight's issues have just rendered this game unplayable for me right now. All I know is that I'm getting the first shot(s) on someone and th...
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  • Headset doesnt work!

    A majority of the time when i play Ghosts on Xbox One my mic does not work (unless im in a party). It shows that it is plugged in but i cant hear or talk to anyone. If anyone knows the solution to this please let me k...
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